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Who We Are

Premier Angler was founded with a simple goal in mind: to provide freshwater fishing enthusiasts with some of the highest-quality news, stories, tips, techniques, interviews, and resources available on the internet. While we are still a relatively young and growing website, hundreds (if not thousands) of hours have been logged behind the scenes to produce both exclusively content and breaking industry news.

Premier Angler is owned, operated, and edited by lifelong anglers. As such, we intend to share the thrills, the passions, and the story of fishing.

Reach Thousands of Fishing Enthusiasts Each Month

Each month, tens-of-thousands of visitors read Premier Angler’s exclusive content, news stories, and our other online resources. Many of our readers are active members of fishing forums and social media fishing groups.

As our site matures, we will be adding increasingly more content, including product reviews, interviews, and additional fishing resources. We will also be offering regular product giveaways.

How to Advertise With Premier Angler

If interested, please consider the following:

  • Premier Angler will only feature direct advertisements from parties whose product or service is directly related to fishing, outdoor recreation, or similar industries. If your product or service does not fall under this umbrella, please know that we are unlikely to feature your ads.
  • Rates and lengths of contract are currently negotiable. With that said, we are only interested in offering reasonable rates that are in line (or better than) the industry standard.
  • Premier Angler reserves the right to refuse or reject any advertising proposal.
  • We are currently offering advertisement opportunities in both a variety of sizes and locations.
  • Under no circumstances will Premier Angler feature advertisements for adult-oriented content or gambling, tobacco, alcohol, or other similar products.

If you would like to speak with us about obtaining short-term or long-term advertising on, please let us know!