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Angler Ice-Fishes For First Time, Catches Maine State Record

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Talk about beginner’s luck!

In a cool story broken by the Bangor Daily News, an angler landed a new Maine state fishing record on her first foray into ice fishing.

While ice fishing on Mount Desert Island’s Long Pond, Martina Drugovich and fiance Scott Harrington were simply hoping to catch something they could eat.

What they did not expect, however, is that the “something” they caught would be a new state record.

Drugovich’s catch, a 2.12 pound, 16 inch yellow perch, did not immediately impress the Ohio natives.

While slightly longer than Ohio’s state record perch (which is 15 3/4 inches), it was considerably lighter. For comparison, the Ohio state record yellow perch, caught on Lake Erie in 2016 by David Berg, weighed an impressive 2.86 pounds.

Rather than eating their catch, however, they shared photos with some friends who suggested they get the fish weighed. What may have been a nice catch in Ohio, they found, could possibly be much more in Maine.

An official weight check by the game warden confirmed that Drugovich’s catch surpassed the previous record by a respectable margin.

Maine’s previous state record yellow perch, caught Daniel Baty in 2017, weighed 1.88 pounds. That fish was caught on Damariscotta Lake.