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Rick Vogelbacher

I started off bass fishing on small inland lakes in southern Michigan. I cut my teeth in natural lakes with lots of vegetation. Different bodies of water always intrigued me, so I began to venture into different kinds of lakes and rivers. Since that time, I’ve fished well over 200 lakes, rivers, impoundments, and reservoirs. Each day fishing is a new puzzle to solve.

I ran a small bass tournament trail for 3 years which covered lakes in Indiana and Michigan. Started a fishing website back in 1998 which was called Rick’s Ultimate Bass Fishing or short RUBF. It ran its course through time, but is now called Tri-State Fishing which covers Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana. It has one of the largest archived fishing report data for individual lakes. I fished some small circuit bass tournaments, and large opens from 2004 to 2017. Since that time, I’ve started producing fishing videos with my best friend Jim Napolski. Our channel is R & J Bass Fishing . It was really taking off on YouTube, but Jim and I decided in summer of 2020 to move our channel to Rumble. It was a bit of a gamble, but were hoping to get fishing to take off on Rumble like it did YouTube. We have a pretty active following on social media and local fishing websites. Jim and I have a passion for sharing knowledge and fishing data. That isn’t the norm these days with anglers. Their tendencies are to keep their secrets to themselves. Jim and I both try to share knowledge so others can experience the same enjoyment we have on the water.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have many great mentors over the years of fishing. I’ve had some great tips passed on by Pro’s, manufacturers, and other leaders in the industry. It has been a true blessing in my life to be able to enjoy bass fishing.

God Bless and Good Fishing to you on the water.

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