Buy Your Michigan Fishing License

Purchasing your Michigan Fishing License

Michigan has no shortage of incredible fisheries. When you consider the four bordering “Great Lakes,” that alone makes The Wolverine State a premier angler’s dream destination.

Factor in hundreds of other quality lakes, creeks, and streams, however, and you can find some world-class fishing in the state.

If you want to legally fish any public body of water in Michigan, however, you will need to purchase a valid fishing license.

According to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, any resident who is 17 years of age or older will need to purchase a fishing license. Adults accompanying a minor will also need a valid license.

Active-duty military members, individuals over 65 years of age, and those who are legally blind may be eligible for a discount.

*Note: Michigan also requires individuals who are targeting fish, snakes, amphibians and crustaceans to have a valid license.

Why You Should Purchase a Valid License

For starters, fishing any public body of water in-state without a valid license is illegal and can carry a considerable fine. More so, you may be prohibited from fishing public waters in the state for a year (or permanently, if you are a repeat offended).

Legal ramifications aside, your license fees help support the plethora of quality fisheries in the state. Over 800,000 individuals purchase their Michigan fishing license each year. Your purchase helps maintain some of the nation’s top fisheries.

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Where Can I Buy a Michigan Fishing License?

In-Person Locations

If you are the type who prefers to purchase your fishing licenses in person, Michigan has you covered. There are several hundred locations throughout the state (and a few sites in both northern Indiana and Ohio) that sell licenses.

List of Michigan Fishing License Locations

Online Purchases

If you are fairly tech savvy and don’t mind making a purchase online, this may be the simpler option for you. Through the Michigan DNR website, you can purchase the same licenses that are available on-site.

Purchase your Michigan Fishing License Online