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George Washington Catches Huge Catfish in Oklahoma

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How’s that for a headline, huh?

If you came here expecting to see that the first U.S. President — who has been deceased since 1799 — wrangled a monster catfish, we’re really sorry.

Ok, only a little sorry…

However, George Washington of Lawton, Oklahoma, pulled in a pretty impressive catch on Sunday, October 27th.

Washington’s haul — a beastly flathead measuring 4 feet 1 inch and (literally) breaking the scales at 60 lbs. — put up a twenty minute fight. The process of securing an accurate weight for the fish may have been the hardest part, though.

“I put it on a 50-pound scale and it broke,” Washington told KSWO News. “So I went and put it on the ice dock, and that one messed up.” He then tried to weigh it using a floor scale, which also malfunctioned.

Much to Washington’s dismay, the finally tally did not land him in the record books. The current Oklahoma state flathead catfish record is owned by Richard Williams, who caught a 78 lb 8 oz, 51 inch mammoth on El Reno City Reservoir back in 2010.

You can watch the second part of George Washington’s battle with the whooper flathead on East Cache Creek below.