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Herrington Lake, Kentucky Fishing

Fishing Information: Herrington Lake is a popular fishing lake in Kentucky. It is located in Garrard, Mercer and Boyle counties and covers 2,649 acres. The lake was built by Kentucky utilities in 1925.

Species List: According to the Kentucky  Department of Fishing and Wildlife Resources, Herrington Lake contains a few species of popular fish. So, what type of fish are in this lake? You can find Sunfish, Hybrid Striped Bass and White Bass on these waters.

Species Regulations

Hybrid Striped Bass: State Regulations Apply

White Bass: State Regulations Apply

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Marinas on Herrington Lake

Marina Name: Chimney Rock Marina

Address: 250 Chimney Rock Rd, Harrodsburg, KY 40330


Phone: (859) 748-7625

Marina Name: Herrington Lake Marina

Address: 136 Homestead Ln, Lancaster, KY 40444


Phone: (859) 548-2282

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