Lake Phelps, North Carolina Fishing.

Location and Fishing Information: Lake Phelps is the second largest natural body of water in North Carolina. It covers 16,600 acres of surface area and has maximum depth of 9 feet with an average depth of approximately 5 feet. The lake is named after a colonial explorer Josiah Phelps. It became recognized as a North Carolina lake in 1929. This lake is known for its super clear water.

Popular fish species in Lake Phelps

There are numerous different species of fish to find on this body of water. So, what type of fish are in this lake? You can find Blue Catfish, Crappie, Smallmouth Bass and Largemouth Bass on these waters.

Species Regulations

Bass: The size and limit depends on what body of water you are fishing. You can find the game fish chart here.

Crappie: Most areas of North Carolina waters the minimum size is at least 8 inches, however there are other lakes and reservoirs that have different stipulations which can be found here

Walleye: Most lakes there is no size limit and the Creel limit is 8 except for a select few areas.

Sauger: There is a 15 inch minimum and a Creel limit of 8 statewide.

Sunfish: 30 Creel limit but you can have no more than 12 redbreast sunfish.

Non-Gamefish: Certain restrictions apply.

Lake Phelps Fishing Videos

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