Prentiss Walker Lake, Mississippi Fishing

Location and Information: Prentiss Walker Lake is located in Smith County, Mississippi. This body of water covers over 80 acres of surface area. You will find camping, boating, kayaking and fishing here.

There are numerous different species of fish to find on this body of water. So, what type of fish are in this lake? You can find Carp, Sunfish, Channel Catfish and Largemouth Bass on these waters.

Lake Fishing Records

  • Bass: 13.81 lbs. / Daniel Kennedy
  • Crappie: 2.0 lbs. / Thomas C Hughes
  • Redear: 1.40 lbs. / Catherine Hartzog
  • Bluegill: 1.2lbs. / Bryan Stapleton
  • Catfish: 32.9 lbs. / Bridget Robinson

Prentiss Walker Lake Fishing Videos