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Choosing the Top 8 Fishing Lakes in Texas

Hey all,

We are getting ready to start on a pretty substantial project here at Premier Angler — compiling a list of the Top 8 Fishing Lakes in Texas.

We have been compiling data from several sources, including the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, to put together a comprehensive list.

Any “Top List” will be subjective, but we want to provide the most thorough, well-researched list on the web.

And we could use your help…

We value your thoughts, your opinions, and your experience. If you would kindly fill out the quick survey form below, it will help us tremendously.

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Premier Angler

This can be based upon your own experience, the reputation of the lake, or a combination of both. If you have any particular stories or notes to share about a lake, feel free to add those.
This is can your favorite local lakes, places you've visited a couple times, or maybe once every couple years. There is quality fishing here, but not enough to make it a top lake.