Angler Breaks 42-Year-Old Georgia White Crappie Fishing Record

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In a week where Texas bass fishing took the internet by storm, an angler in Georgia managed to land a pretty impressive record of his own.

Cody Hopkins of Canton, Georgia, moved to the area on December 4, 2021, and told Georgia Wildlife that it was only the third fish he had caught since relocating.

In a perfect case of quality over quantity, however, Hopkins managed to make that third fish count in a big way!

Hopkins, who is the caretaker for Cushing Memorial Park, was fishing on the northern end of Allatoona Lake near Atlanta.

Prior to Hopkins’ catch, the Allatoona Lake record white crappie belonged to Alan Brown, who caught a 2 pound, 12 ounce slab on the lake back in 1980.

Hopkins’ catch, however, will easily eclipse that mark once it is officially verified by the Georgia Wildlife Resources Division. His fish weighed in at an impressive 3 pounds, 4.24 ounces, breaking Brown’s record by roughly a half pound.

In a story broken by Georgia Outdoors News, Hopkins noted that the fight lasted a full five minutes. His brother helped him net the whopper fish.

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