Ohio Wildlife Council Approves Significant Fishing Change for 2023

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Fishing is often a pastime of embellishment. Tall tales and far-fetched stories run rampant, but excuses are often commonplace.

In a game of “almosts” and “would-haves,” sometimes the only obstacle standing between an angler as a trophy fish is the limited number of lines he can have in the water.

For folks who have felt hamstrung by Ohio’s two-line-per-angler rule, there’s good news. A significant change was approved this week that may be a game-changer in The Buckeye State.

Fishing on Piedmont Lake Ohio
Photo via Aaron Schultz/Premier Angler

Three Lines Per Angler Approved for Jan. 1, 2023

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources reports that an October 5 meeting of the Ohio Wildlife Council saw approval for a statewide proposal allowing licensed anglers within the state to fish a maximum three lines per angler.

While certain fisheries like Lake Erie Sport Fishing District and Pymatuning Lake have seen the three-line rule in place for some time, anglers fishing the most popular lakes and river in Ohio will have increased opportunities to catch fish. The rule takes effect on Jan. 1, 2023.

The council meeting also approved several other fishing, hunting, and wildlife measures – a full list of approvals can be found on the original release.

What This Rule Change Means for Ohio Anglers Fishing from a Boat

Premier Angler spoke with Brian Plasters of the Ohio Division of Wildlife to confirm what the new rule change may mean for anglers fishing from a boat. When it comes to fishing regulations, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

According to Plasters, the three-line-per-angler rule remains intact regardless of how many anglers may be fishing from a particular vessel.

In other words, a boat manned by one anglers will allow a maximum of three lines in the water. Two anglers, then, can have a maximum of six lines in the water. That ratio increases to nine lines for three anglers, twelves lines for four anglers, fifteen for five, and so on.

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