Anglers Caught With 150+ Crappie Over Mississippi Limit

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It isn’t too surprising when anglers are caught breaking their state’s creel limit. When you’re talking about popular game fish like crappie, it’s easy to catch several dozen in a single day.

One pair of anglers took things to a whole new level in December, however.

The Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks released a statement in early January about an incident that had taken place toward the end of 2021.

The report notes that the department had received a call about “suspicious activity” on Enid Lake, a moderate-sized fishery in the northwest section of the state.

According to the report, Cpl. Brian Tallent found two anglers who attempted to take home a massive haul.

The current Mississippi creel limit for crappie (black and white, combined) is fifteen (15) fish per person. This would allow the duo to bring home thirty (30) fish – a respectable pull.

However, Tallent found that the anglers had exceeded their creel limit by an unbelievable 152 fish!

A statement from the MDWFP’s Col. Jerry Carter states, “We would like to thank the general public for reporting game violations thereby allowing our officers to further protect our state’s wildlife resources.”

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