Another Massive Largemouth Landed in Georgia

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While Texas might have been the largemouth hotspot in the U.S. in early 2022, Georgia ponds are proving their worth.

Georgia’s Julia Thompson landed an enormous bass recently while fishing a small spot near her home.

Now, fellow Georgian Steele Wilburn is joining the club after producing his own whopper bass!

Largemouth Bass Georgia Steele Wilburn

Wilburn and his friend were recently fishing a private pond near Barnesville, Georgia, located just south of Pike County. The pair had been fishing for around three and a half hours and had only caught one fish before Wilburn hooked up with what he knew would be a big fish.

Just how big, though, he couldn’t have imagined.

He was throwing a white Googan Squad buzz bait and on his third cast, his bait disappeared into the water. Wilburn set the hook and at first thought he was caught up in some brush.

Then the fish jumped and he realized it was going to be huge.

Wilburn called for his friend Caden Shubert to come and assist with the netting.

The fish measured an astounding 29 1/2 inches in length with a girth of 25 inches. Wilburn’s official scale read a weight of 13.3 pounds, but the angler believes it could have weighed more.

When telling Premier Angler of the experience, Wilburn noted that it was “a truly insane catch.”

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