Blue Springs Lake, Missouri Fishing

Location and Information: Blue Springs Lake is located in Jackson County, Missouri. This body of water covers over 700 acres of surface area and you will find boating, kayaking and fishing here. This lake has a decent amount of standing timber within the water.

Lake Specific Restrictions

  • Black Bass: must be at least 15”
  • Methods allowed: Pole and line fishing are only allowed except for shad which can be taken by dip or cast net.

Endangered Fish Species in Missouri

Lake sturgeon, pallid sturgeon, taillight shiner, Neosho madtom, spring cavefish, harlequin darter, gold stripe darter, cypress minnow, central mudminnow, crystal darter, swamp darter, Ozark cavefish, Niangua darter, Sabine shiner, mountain madtom, redfin darter, longnose darter, flathead chub, Topeka shiner. You are not allowed to keep these species.

Blue Springs Lake Fishing Videos

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