Dierks Bentley Fishing Without a License, Gets Busted

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We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: don’t go fishing without a license! This applies to all anglers everywhere, including country music megastars.

Turns out that even for Dierks Bentley, fishing without a license is a no-go. The popular musician recently found this out the hard way while fishing during a tour date in Colorado.

Bentley had just headlined the Seven Peaks Festival and took to Instagram to grill co-headliner and fishing buddy Luke Bryan. In his post, Bentley shows what he claims to be his third catch in just thirty minutes before teasing Bryan about catching only one fish on the day.

There was just one problem…

It turns out that neither of the two music icons were legally allowed to fish in the state of Colorado.

So, how did Colorado Parks and Wildlife catch Dierks Bentley fishing without a license?

It turns out Bentley’s own fans, who saw his post on social media, called in to see if the singer was licensed to fish in the state.

Bill Vogrin, spokesperson for Colorado Parks and Wildlife, told The Denver Post that “we didn’t have any proof until Mr. Bentley posted a photo on his Instagram.”

Bentley, who has an estimated net worth of over $30 million, paid the $139.50 fine on the spot without question. Vogrin reported on Bentley’s graciousness and invited the singer back to fish any time, assuming he has the proper license.

After the incident, Colorado Parks and Wildlife had a little fun with the singer, playing on the title of one of Bentley’s most popular songs.

As for Bentley, he agreed to be properly licensed before fishing again in Colorado. He seemingly took some enjoyment in the situation as well, citing how it felt nice to be “treated like a regular person.”

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