Hank Cherry’s List of Go-To Gear

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As fishermen, our gear is essential. We all have particular items that, if given a choice, we will not fish without. This way of thinking tends to be universal among anglers, and we all cling to those pieces of equipment that make us more efficient when on the water. Even the nation’s top bass anglers are no exception to this rule, as they too find favor in their own particular lists of must-have gear.

One such angler is the 2020 Bassmaster Classic Champion, Hank Cherry. Like the rest of us, Cherry finds confidence in knowing that he is armed with certain pieces of go-to gear when hitting the water. These essential items allow Cherry to stay at the top of his game, and do what he does best, catch big bass.

Jerkbait Gear

As of late, the name Hank Cherry has become synonymous with jerkbait fishing, especially since his recent Classic win, during which he leaned heavily on the use of a Megabass 110+1 Jerkbait. However, Cherry says that jerkbait fishing is more than just a tactic that he utilizes from time to time, but rather an approach that he finds consistent and sustained success with.

“My safety net has always been my jerkbait box and my jerkbait rods,” says Cherry. “I always have my jerkbait gear. No matter where I go in the country, I feel like I can definitely catch a couple of fish using that technique.”

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Dock Rocket Jig

Aside from being known as a jerkbait fisherman, Cherry has also garnered quite the reputation for his prowess at flipping jigs around docks and other structure. Cherry says that whenever he hits the water, he is armed with his signature series Picasso Dock Rocket Jig, and is ready to put it to work, should the need arise.

“I am very, very particular about the jigs that I throw. My Dock Rocket is the only jig that I actually carry in the boat now,” says Cherry. “I feel like with that bait and rod in my hand, I can go fish in 25-foot of water, or catch them in two inches of water. I can swim it, stroke it, or hop it, and catch fish.”


Like most anglers, Hank Cherry does not launch from the ramp without a quality pair of sunglasses at the ready. However, Cherry says that his use of sunglasses is about more than being able to see what he is doing. He finds value in their use when attempting to keep his eyes safe from the glaring sun.

“One of the most important things to me is my sunglasses. I feel like I have to have them on my face,” says Cherry. “They allow me to see what I am doing, and know what I am doing. But, they also protect my eyes from the sun, and keep them from becoming irritated and red.”

Garmin Livescope

Cherry has also been a well-spoken advocate for the use of Garmin Livescope. He says that it has changed the way that he fishes, allowing him to be more efficient at putting bass in the boat. According to Cherry, Livescope has been one of the most revolutionary developments to take place in competitive bass fishing in years.

“I tell everybody that Livescope is like my third eye,” says Cherry. “I have gotten to the point that I feel like I can’t fish without it. Monitoring fish with Livescope is just like watching TV. You can see everything,” continued Cherry.

Do Not Leave Home Without It

Whether you fish a few weekends a year, or find yourself on the lake several days a week, we as anglers love our gear. Finding the particular items that provide you with the confidence to keep you at the top of your game, is largely a product of trial and error. However, like Hank Cherry, we all eventually come across a couple of pieces of gear that we don’t leave home without.

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