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Lake Trout breaks New Hampshire State Record

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The Granite State has a new state record lake trout. New Hampshire Fish and Game broke the story on February 28th.

Thomas Knight of Meredith, New Hampshire, caught the record fish on Tuesday, February 25th. He was ice fishing on Big Diamond Pond in West Stewartstown.

After landing a massive catch, Knight knew he may have landed the state’s record for lake trout. The previous record, caught in 1958, was 28 pounds. When Knight and fisheries biologist Andy Schafermeyer weighed the fish on a certified scale with a 30 pound limit, the weight exceeded the scale’s capacity.

Once the pair found a scale large enough to accurately weigh the fish — at a package distribution center — the reality was clear: Knight has crushed the previous New Hampshire lake trout state record.

His catch, which weighed an impressive 37.65 pounds, was nearly ten pounds larger than its predecessor. The fish measured over 40 inches in length and had a 27-inch girth.

According to Schafermeyer’s estimates, the record lake trout may have been between 50 and 60 years old.