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New Idaho Catch-and-Release State Record Bull Trout

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While the world is practicing social distancing, a Post Falls, Idaho resident has earned himself an Idaho catch-and-release state record.

On April 8, Sawyer Livesey pulled in his record-breaking bull trout (also known as a Dolly Varden) while fishing the Kootenai River. The fish measured in at 30.5 inches in length.

The Idaho Department of Game and Fishing confirmed the record by congratulating Livesey via a Facebook post on April 20th.

As with all catch-and-release records, it should be noted that this catch is not Idaho’s certified weight record. That long-standing record, which weighed 32 pounds with no recorded length, was caught by Nelson Higgins on Pend Orielle Lake in 1949.

Livesey’s catch is the sixth recorded catch-and-release record since the program’s implementation in 2016. Previous records include those caught by:

Charlie Crousser, 18.25 inches: (Salmon River, 2016)

William Templeton, 23.5 inches: (Salmon River, 2016)

Max Gustin, 27 inches: (East Fork Salmon River, 2018)

Tom Weadick, 27.5 inches: (St. Joe River, 2019)

Aaron Fox, 29 inches: (Lake Pend Oreille, 2019)