North Carolina’s Blue Catfish State Record is Broken… Again!

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When news began circulating that the North Carolina blue catfish state record had been broken, I immediately had a case of deja vu.

It seemed that the record had just been broken a few months ago.

During a summer racked by a global pandemic, seeing both the North Carolina blue cat and flathead state records fall within a couple weeks was a welcomed distraction for all the craziness in the world.

As it turns out, the previous blue cat record was landed almost one year to the day on North Carolina’s Lake Gaston. At 121 pounds, 9 ounce, Joey Baird’s record seemed like it would hold up for years to come.

However, one of the most volatile state fishing titles in the country changed hands yet again early today.

How The Mighty Fall

New North Carolina State Record Blue Catfish July 2021
Rocky Baker holds the massive new North Carolina state record blue catfish (Photo via Facebook)

When catfish anglers think of North Carolina records, perhaps the most popular story – practically fishing mythology at this point – is the tale of Zakk Royce breaking the record twice in the span of a day back in 2016.

Royce’s record was then toppled by Landon Evans, who pulled a 117 pound, 8 ounce blue from Lake Gaston.

Baird eventually claimed the top spot in July 2020, but few expected the title to shift again this quickly.

That said, Rocky Baker’s enormous catch on July 10, 2021 widened the gap even farther.

Baker’s big blue weighed in at a monstrous 127.1 pounds – a full 5 1/2 pounds north of the previous record.

For those keeping score at home, Baker’s catch marks the fifth new North Carolina blue catfish state record in as many years.

How long will this one hold? Stay tuned!

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