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North Dakota Has a New State Record Walleye

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For those following walleye state record in North Dakota, the past couple years have been interesting.

In 2018, Bismarck’s Neal Leier captured the crown with a 15 pound, 13 ounce beauty on the Missouri River. The title seemed like it would be short lived, however.

North Dakota State Record Walleye_Tom Volk
Angler Tom Volk had a genuine contender for North Dakota’s state record walleye in 2019. It was determined that the fish was snagged or foul-hooked, however, disqualifying it from the record book.

In 2019, Tom Volk landed an enormous 16 pound, 9 inch walleye that took the internet by storm. His catch was set to eclipse an already impressive record by nearly a full pound.

Unfortunately for Volk, an investigation determined the fish had either been snagged or foul-hooked. This distinction ultimately negated his catch in terms of the record books.

Entering the new decade, then, Leier’s walleye record remained intact.

That is until Dickinson’s Jared Shypkoski hit Lake Oahe on March 13, 2021!

North Dakota State Record Walleye
Jared Shypkoski’s gorgeous walleye caught on Lake Oahe. (Photo via North Dakota Game and Fish Department)

Shypkoski, while trolling a crankbait, landed one of the most impressive specimens you will ever see in the world of walleye fishing. The North Dakota Game and Fish Department certified the catch – a 16 pound, 6 inch mammoth that spanned 33 inches – as the new North Dakota state record walleye.