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Texas Fishing Guide Lands New World Record Hybrid Bass

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Note: The original article has been amended to correct the claim that Franken’s fish was a “meanmouth,” which, according to the IGFA, is actually a hybrid of smallmouth and spotted bass (rather than the combination of smallmouth and largemouth, which Frankens caught).

When people think of the world bass fishing records, the instinct is to think of largemouth. They are the most popular freshwater sport fish in the world, after all.

For Wyatt Frankens, a fishing guide out of Texas. however, he believed he was sitting on a lake record smallmouth bass in early March.

At a stout 7.6 pounds and measuring 23 inches long with a girth of 17 1/2 inches, Frankens beauty would have comfortably secured its spot as the biggest smallmouth to come out of O.H. Ivie Lake – one of the best fishing lakes in Texas.

However, analysis showed that Frankens’ fish was not actually a smallmouth bass. Instead, it is a hybrid of the largemouth and smallmouth.

Even though the fish did not qualify as the O.H. Ivie lake record, the reward was much sweeter for Frankens.

Instead, his hybrid was certified in late May as the new world record largemouth x smallmouth hybrid.