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Top Smallmouth Baits for Summersville Lake, WV

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Editor’s Note: The following is a review of the top baits used during Marshall University’s 1st annual Bass Trail Cup. The event was held on Saturday, November 2nd on Summersville Lake. Chase Sansom of Marshall University fishing provides a breakdown of the top smallmouth baits for Summersville Lake.

Premier Angler recently named Summersville as one of the Top 8 Fishing Spots in West Virginia. Summersville is known for having some of the best smallmouth bass fishing in West Virginia.

Strike King Pro Model 3XD Crankbaits

Lee Hess and Josh Miller won the inaugural Marshall University Bass Trail Cup (photo via Chase Sansom)

First Place: To win the inaugural Marshall University Cup, Lee Hess and Josh Miller caught some of their fish on a Strike King 3xd (in chartreuse shad).

Most of the work came on a Carolina Rig with a 4” Zoom Lizard (pumpkin color) and a Keitech 3.3 Swim Impact Fat Swimbait.

Hess and Miller were targeting their smallmouth in the backs of the creeks that were being pushed out as the water was falling.

3.5″ Bass Pro Shops Tender Tube

Kenny Day and Rick Harris secured second place at the Marshall University Cup (photo via Chase Sansom)

Second Place: Landing the runner-up spot, Kenny Day and Rick Harris were targeting some deeper fish out on the channel swings in the main lake. They used 3.5” Bass Pro Shops Tender Tube (in green pumpkin camo color).

The pair also mixed in a small crankbait to help secure their second-place status.

4″ Zoom Lizard (Pumpkin Color)

Brian Fitzgerald and Dylan Fitzgerald took third place on Summersville Lake (photo via Chase Sansom)

Third Place: To round out the top three, Brian Fitzgerald and Dylan Fitzgerald used a variety of baits.

The duo claims most of their fish were caught using a Carolina Rig with a 4” Zoom Pumpkin Lizard and 3.5” Bass Pro Shops Tender Tube (in green pumpkin).

They also mixed in a fish or two on the dropshot with a Zoom finesse worm (in morning dawn color).

Find out more information on the official Marshall University Fishing Facebook page.