12 Great Christmas Fishing Gifts

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To many, fishing is the ultimate outdoor sport. You can do it practically anywhere in the world. In North America alone, there are dozens of species available to catch. There’s even a very low barrier to entry: you need a rod, reel, line, bait, and a valid fishing license.

The crux for many anglers, however, is simple: we never seem to have enough cool fishing stuff!

Luckily, Premier Angler has compiled a list of 12 fishing accessories that would make amazing Christmas gifts for the fishing enthusiast in your life!

Keep in mind that while any and all of these would make incredible Christmas gifts for your loved one, it’s also OK to splurge on yourself from time to time, too.

12 Awesome Christmas Fishing Accessories

Rapala Digital Scale and Fish Gripper
Rapala Digital Scale and Fish Gripper

Rapala Digital Scale and Fish Gripper

Rapala is a brand synonymous with high-quality fishing lures and products. The digital scale and fish gripper is certainly no exception!

Some of the key features include:

  • 50 lb Weight Capacity: Rest assured that this scale will hold the majority of freshwater fish
  • One-Handed Operation: Not only great for convenience, but a must-have in the digital age — you can snap some quality selfies without posing a risk to yourself or your fish
  • Over-sized Digital Display: Speaking of those selfies, you can erase all doubt and silence even the most hardened of internet trolls when these big, bold numbers show up for all to see
  • 600 Hour Run Time: You can get an entire season of use out of the Rapala digital scale and fish gripper on just two AA batteries
  • Different Measurements: Record your catch’s weight in lbs/oz, decimal lbs, or decimal kgs
  • 2-Minute Auto Shutoff: This feature will conserve the device’s already outstanding battery longevity

Buy the Rapala Digital Scale and Fish Gripper

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