Largemouth is New Idaho Catch-and-Release Record

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Any time a state fishing record is broken — even a catch-and-release record — it’s noteworthy news. When that fish is a largemouth bass, people take notice!

The new Idaho catch-and-release state record largemouth was caught by JJ Schillinger on October 19th. Schillinger was competing in the Panhandle Bass Anglers Fall Open on Cave Lake near Coeur d’Alene.

Schillinger’s fish, a 25 inch, 9.7 lb beauty, surpassed the previous Idaho catch-and-release largemouth state record by 1.25 inches. The previous record of 23.75 inches was set by Dale Stratton on Sawyer’s Pond in May 2017.

*Interesting Note: Dale Stratton’s 23.75 inch fish actually broke his own Idaho catch-and-release state record for largemouth, which he caught the year before. He caught an 18.75 in largemouth (also on Sawyer’s Pond) in April 2016.

Idaho is one of many states that now offer both certified weight state records and catch-and-release state records. The current Idaho certified weight state record largemouth is 10.94 lbs, caught on Anderson Lake by M.W. Taylor. The Idaho Department of Fish and Game does not have information available on that fish’s length, girth, or date caught.

Cave Lake is part of a dozen chain of lakes near Coeur d’Alene and is known to have quality largemouth. Other recommended game fish on Cave Lake include: bluegill, bullhead catfish, northern pike, yellow perch, smallmouth bass, and white crappie.

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