Alabama Angler Lands Massive Crappie

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Crappie Austin Campbell
Austin Campbell Fishing

If you follow crappie fishing news, you are probably aware of the ridiculous number of large fish caught during a recent Crappie Masters tournament on Grenada.

Likewise, you’ve probably seen pictures of the impressive day of crappie fishing Berry Walker had fishing in North Carolina.

Recently, an Alabama angler joined these ranks, earning the attention of the fishing community after an epic run of fishing on Guntersville.

A Personal-Best with a Hefty Kicker

While fishing Guntersville on Sunday, Austin Campbell had the type of day on the water that few will ever experience.

After having several fish that he estimates were in the three-pound range break off, Campbell was able to secure the hefty pair (seen above).

His largest of the day is also his new personal best, weighing in at a whopping 3.64 pounds. The “kicker” wasn’t too shabby either: a solid 2.40 pounds.

As Campbell noted in social media posts that have garnered considerable attention, all fish that day were caught on Bounty Hunter Baits and Crappie Magnets. His two big fish were weighed in at Guntersville Tackle and Outdoors.

As an avid crappie angler, Campbell knows the famed lake well. Like many fellow anglers, Campbell has also become proficient in the use of Livescope technology to put him on lots of fish.

This combination is certainly paying off!

A Hot Streak on Guntersville

Guntersville Crappie Austin Campbell
Austin Campbell

While Campbell’s one-day feat is pretty impressive, it is the combined success he has had recently that is particularly of note.

Just two days before landing his massive pair of crappie, Campbell pulled in another three-plus pounder – 3.22 pounds.

Prior to the weekend, the angler also caught his then-PB on Guntersville a few weeks back, landing a 3.16 pound crappie. For almost any crappie angler in the world, landing a trio of three-pounders in roughly a month is quite the accomplishment!

The feat is also well-earned as Campbell has certainly logged the hours. For more information about Campbell’s fishing endeavors, you can check out his YouTube page: (Austin Campbell Fishing).

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