Complete List of Brown Trout State Records

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Looking for a comprehensive list of brown trout state records? Then you have come to the right place! Below, you will find a breakdown of the largest brown trout caught in every state. It is worth noting that some states (yes, we’re looking at you, Alaska and Florida), do not have a record fish listed as brown trout are not native to their waters.

When it comes to trout fishing, perhaps no species lands more bragging rights for anglers than the brown trout. As you will see on the list of state records below, these fish can get pretty big. At those sizes, they are also guaranteed to put up one heck of a fight!

How to Catch the Big One

If you have your heart set on catching a state record brown trout, here are some tips:

  • Keepin’ it Cool: Brown trout love cold, well-oxygenated waters. Ideally, try fishing areas where the water is in the 60-65 degree Fahrenheit (or 15-18 degree Celsius) range.
  • Take Cover: Keep your eyes peeled for natural cover. If you can find hanging vegetation or rock beds, the fish should be nearby!
  • Natural Predators: One positive to fishing for brown trout is that they will feed both day and night. Try throwing a mixture of frogs, small bait fish, earth worms (we love using red worms), or terrestrial insects. Salmon eggs are also a great option!
  • Artificial Intelligence: Don’t want to use live baits? Consider casting out spoons, spinners, and swimbaits. Also, no trout fishing tackle box would be complete with a jar of “power bait”. We recommend trying Berkley’s Gulp! Trout Dough in garlic scent.

Want some more tips that could help you could catch a monster brown trout? Check out our comprehensive list of Trout Fishing Tips before hitting the water again.

And now, what you came here for.

List of All Brown Trout State Records

Arizona22 lbs 14.5 oz
Arkansas40 lbs 4 oz
California26 lbs 8 oz
Colorado30 lbs 8 oz
Connecticut16 lbs 14 oz
Georgia18 lbs 6 oz
Idaho27 lbs 5 oz
Illinois36 lbs 11.5 oz
Indiana29 lbs 3 oz
Iowa15 lbs 6 oz
Kentucky21 lbs
Maine23 lbs 5 oz
Maryland18 lbs 3 oz
Massachusetts19 lbs 10 oz
Michigan41 lbs 7.2 oz
Minnesota16 lbs 12 oz
Missouri26 lbs 13 oz
Montana29 lbs
Nebraska20 lbs 1 oz
Nevada27 lbs 5 oz
New Hampshire16 lbs 6 oz
New Jersey21 lbs 6 oz
New Mexico20 lbs 4 oz
New York33 lbs 2 oz
North Carolina24 lbs 10 oz
North Dakota31 lbs 11 oz
Ohio14 lbs 10.8 oz
Oklahoma17 lbs 4 oz
Oregon28 lbs 5 oz
Pennsylvania19 lbs 10 oz
Rhode Island7 lbs 9 oz
South Carolina17 lbs 9.5 oz
South Dakota24 lbs 8 oz
Tennessee28 lbs 12 oz
Texas7 lbs 1.92 oz
Utah33 lbs 10 oz
Vermont22 lbs 3 oz
Virginia14 lbs 12 oz
Washington 22 lbs
West Virginia16 lbs
Wisconsin41 lbs 8 oz
Wyoming25 lbs 13 oz

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