The 20 Biggest Largemouth Bass Caught in Texas

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Texas has, historically, been one of the top states in America for high-level bass fishing. For decades, The Lone Star State has played home to some of the most popular fisheries in the country, including Lake Fork, Sam Rayburn, and Lake O’ the Pines.

Since 2020, O.H. Ivie has established itself as arguably the hottest bass fishery in the country, producing several massive largemouth and countless double-digit bass, often toward the start of each calendar year.

Jason Conn landed a 17.03 pounder on Ivie in February 2023, the eighth-largest recorded in Texas at the time of the catch. The previous year, Brodey Davis hauled in a 17.06 pounder, giving him the distinction of seventh largest at the time.

Despite these two recent additions from Ivie, however, Lake Fork sits comfortably at the top of the list of biggest largemouth ever caught in Texas. The top six entries all come from Lake Fork. Interestingly, all the fish were also caught between the mid-1980s and early 1990s.

Is it possible that O.H. Ivie will see a similar trajectory in the coming years?

The 20 Biggest Largemouth Bass Caught in Texas

Note: The following list notes the twenty biggest recorded largemouth in Texas history according to Texas P&W. We will continue to update this list as new fish enter/exit. If we miss an entry, please reach out and let us know so we can update the list promptly.

LocationWeight LengthDateAngler
Lake Fork18.1825.50 1/24/1992Barry St. Clair
Lake Fork17.6727.50 11/26/1986Mark Stevenson
Lake Fork17.6428.00 4/1/1989Stan Moss
Lake Fork17.6326.25 8/28/1990Jerry L. New
Lake Fork17.292/14/1988Larry Barnes
Lake Fork17.0725.50 2/26/1991Troy Coates
O. H. Ivie17.0527.25 2/24/2022Brodey Davis
O.H. Ivie17.03272/13/2023Jason Conn
Pinkston16.8927.66 2/16/1986Earl Crawford
Lake Fork16.8925.50 2/8/1993Bryan Turner
Sam Rayburn16.828.75 5/31/1997Tommy Shelton
Mill Creek Lake16.773/1/1990Herchel Brickey
Lake Fork16.7525.50 3/8/1990Stephen R. Trepkus
Lake Fork16.6327.00 2/28/1999Flo O’Brain
Lake Fork16.5926.00 5/15/1987Guy Witherspoon
Lake Fork16.5425.00 2/27/1991Bill Reed
Lake Fork16.4426.50 3/10/1996Chris Adams
O. H. Ivie16.3927.25 2/19/2021Joe McKay
Caddo16.1726.50 3/20/2010Keith Burns
Gibbons Creek Reservoir (Grimes)16.1326.00 1/15/1988Troy Johnson

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