Every State Record Smallmouth Bass

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Seasoned anglers usually agree that pound-for-pound, the smallmouth bass is one of the most fierce fighters you can find in fresh water.

Often known as “smallies,” “brown backs,” or bronzebacks,” smallmouth bass are generally smaller than their largemouth counterparts. As you will find on the list below, however, that doesn’t necessarily mean these fish are small.

So, how big can a smallmouth get?

Want to know the difference between largemouth, smallmouth, white, striped, and spotted bass? Visit the link below.

A World Record Smallmouth Bass?

Fun fact: In 1955, the Kentucky state record smallmouth bass was caught by David L. Hayes on Dale Hollow Lake. Over sixty years later, Hayes’ catch not only holds up as the Kentucky state record, but also as the all-tackle world record. At 11 lbs 15 oz, it’s unlikely that anyone will be surpassing that record in the near future.

Other state record smallmouth bass that come anywhere close include North Carolina’s 10lb’er, caught in 1955 and Alabama’s 10 lb, 8 oz catch in 1950.

Looking to catch a record-breaking smallmouth bass? Our advice is to build a time machine and go back to the 1950s…

Bruce Kraemer holding the Michigan state record smallmouth bass in 2016
Bruce Kraemer caught the Michigan state record smallmouth bass in 2016 (photo via Michigan DNR)

If that’s not possible, there’s still some good news.

Several state record smallmouths have been caught in more recent years.

In 2016, Michigan saw Bruce Kraemer caught a 9 lb 15 oz smallmouth on the Indian River (pictured above). That same year, Patrick Hildenbrand tied the previous New York state record with an 8 lb 4 oz catch out of Lake Ontario.

In 2019, Joe Capilupo caught the new Illinois state record smallmouth bass — a beautiful 7 lb 3 oz mammoth — while fishing in downtown Chicago. While it was not the coveted largemouth, Capilupo’s catch was one of the most talked about in the entire nation that year.

As with our list of every state record largemouth bass, there are some states missing below. Both Alaska and Florida — the usual culprits — do not have a state record smallmouth listed. Also joining them on the list is Louisiana.

Now, without any further ado, let’s check out the list!

Alabama10 lbs 8 ozWheeler Dam (tailwater)Owen F. Smith1950
Arizona7 lbs 0.96 ozRoosevelt LakeDennis K. Barnhall1988
Arkansas7 lbs 5 ozBull Shoals LakeAcie Dickerson1969
California9 lbs 13 ozPardee Reservoir (Amador)Harold Hardin2007
Colorado6 lbs 11 ozAurora ReservoirRaymond Ong2011
Connecticut7 lbs 12 ozShenipsit LakeJoseph Mankauskas Jr.1980
Delaware4 lbs 15 ozBrandywine RiverJerry Proffitt1989
Georgia7 lbs 2 ozLake ChatugeJack Hall1973
Hawaii4 lbs 15.68 ozSecret LocationChad Boteilho2004
Idaho9 lbs 11.5 ozDworshak ReservoirDan Steigers2006
Illinois7 lbs 3 ozLake MichiganJoe Capilupo2019
Indiana7 lbs 4 ozTwin LakeDana Yoder1992
Iowa7 lbs 12 ozWest Okoboji LakeRick Gray1990
Kansas6 lbs 8.8 ozMilford ReservoirFrank Evans Jr.2010
Kentucky11 lbs 15 ozDale Hollow LakeDavid L. Hayes1955
Maine8 lbs 0 ozThompson LakeGeorge Dyer1970
Maryland8 lbs 4 ozLiberty ReservoirGary Peters1974
Massachusetts8 lbs 2 ozWachusett ReservoirBarbara Sasen1991
Michigan9 Lbs 15 ozIndian RiverBruce Kraemer2016
Minnesota8 lbs 0 ozWest Battle LakeJohn Creighton1948
Mississippi7 lbs 15 ozPickwick Lake – Yellow Creek ArmThomas Wilbanks1987
Missouri7 lbs 2 ozStockton LakeKevin S. Clingan1994
Montana6 lbs 6.6 ozFort Peck ReservoirMike Otten2002
Nebraska7 lbs. 4 ozMissouri RiverDennis Swanson2000
Nevada8 lbs 11 ozSheep Creek ReservoirCurtis Ockerman2010
New Hampshire7 lbs 14.5 ozGoose PondFrancis H. Lord1970
New Jersey7 lbs 2 ozRound Valley ReservoirCarol Marciniak1990
New Mexico7 lb 3 ozCanadian ReservoirCale Sanders2006
New York (tie)8 lbs 4 ozLake Erie / Lake OntarioAndrew C. Kartesz / Patrick Hildenbrand1995 / 2016
North Carolina10 lbs 0 ozHiwassee ReservoirArchie Lampkin1951
North Dakota6 lbs 13 ozLake DarlingBruce Elberg2007
Ohio9 lbs 8 ozLake ErieRandy Van Dam1993
Oklahoma8 lbs 3 ozLake EufaulaSteve McLarty2006
Oregon7 lbs 14 ozHenry Hagg LakeKevin Silver2000
Pennsylvania8 lbs 8 ozScotts Run LakeRobert T. Steelman1997
Rhode Island6 lbs 4 ozWash PondB. Ferris1977
South Carolina9 lbs 7 ozLakeJocasseeTerry Dodson2001
South Dakota7 lbs 3 ozHorseshoe LakeLyal Held2016
Tennessee11 lbs 15 ozDale Hollow LakeDavid L. Hayes1955
Texas7 lbs 14.88 ozLake MeredithTimothy Teague1998
Utah7 lbs 6 ozMidview Reservoir (Lake Borham)Alan Iorg1996
Vermont6 lbs 12.96 ozLake EdenIssac Spaulding2003
Virginia8 lbs 1 ozNew RiverDonald S. Eaton, Jr2003
Washington8 lbs 12 ozColumbia River – Hanford ReachRay Wonacott1966
West Virginia9 lbs 12 ozSouth BranchDavid Lindsay1971
Wisconsin9 lbs 1 ozIndian Lakeunknown1950
Wyoming5 lbs .94 ozFlaming Gorge ReservoirBubba O’Neil2003

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