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Angler Catches 50″ Muskie Fishing From Kayak

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If you visit Joseph Harrick Fishing on Youtube, you’ll find a plethora of interesting videos.

Harrick, who is based out of West Virginia, regularly seeks multiple species in locations from the Mountain State and Kentucky to Georgia and Florida, even filming from Canada.

Mixed within an eclectic blend of product reviews and seasonal videos, perhaps the most impressive entry in Harrick’s catalog involves catching a monstrous muskie while kayak fishing.

While fishing an undisclosed location with friends Andrew Flair and Billy Davis, the crew manages to hook up a couple decent sized muskie during the first part of the video.

Around 9 minutes into the video, however, Harrick begins his battle with an absolute mammoth while fishing a Musky Innovations Shallow Invader.

Fortunately for Harrick, his friends were nearby to not only help him net the titan, but also to chronicle his epic catch.

It also doesn’t hurt that there are a pair of giant rocks near Harrick’s kayak so he can stabilize and get some photos with his fish.

You can also follow Joseph Harrick Fishing on Facebook.