Did Nike Really Make a Shoe That Looks Like a Fish?

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Did Nike Really Make a Shoe That Looks Like a Fish?

Peacock Bass Nike Fish Shoe

It’s hard for fishing enthusiasts to criticize the way other folks spend money. Over the past two years, I have probably typed the words “fishing isn’t cheap” a few dozen times.

Between boat maintenance, trolling motors, fish finders and other electronics, and all the gear we can afford, lots of fishing folks are looking at a five-digit annual hobby. And almost every single one will tell you it’s money well spent!

That said, I have never quite understood the whole “sneaker” phenomenon. Especially the obsession with Jordans. I just don’t get it.

Now, I love a good boat shoe. My Columbia Dorado PFG shoes are some of the most comfortable I’ve ever owned. Well, those and my TrueTimber Crocs.

Even though I don’t pay much attention to the mainstream shoe obsession, I’m at least aware of it. Even with that, I have to admit that I was a little surprised (and impressed) when I saw a social media post circulating recently about a “Nike fish shoe.”

A Nike Shoe That Looks Like a Peacock Bass?

Now, knowing that folks are spending hundreds (if not thousands) on custom Nikes, I was afraid to even consider what these fish-themed sneakers would go for. Not that I was looking to buy a pair, but I was curious.

I’ve also been slightly obsessed with peacock bass over the past few months – probably a sign that it’s due time for a fishing trip to Florida. In my mind, it made sense to see what I could find out about this custom shoe.

Along the way, I found out that an artist named Yujia Ha meticulously crafts pieces of sushi into the shape of Nike Jordans. Those are probably the most delicious shoes I’ve ever seen, but I didn’t answer my question: did Nike really make a fish shoe that looks like a peacock bass?

If you saw those kicks and wanted to buy a pair, I have some bad news: it’s totally a Photoshop! An impressive Photoshop, but definitely a fake. Since the post has apparently been circulating around for awhile, it might only be a matter of time, though.

So for all the folks who would like to keep sneakers and fishing separate, you can rest easy tonight.

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