How to Catch More Bass Using a Spinnerbait in Muddy Water

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How to Catch More Bass on a Spinnerbait in Muddy Water

Premier Angler correspondent and member of the Marshall University Fishing Team Chase Sansom shares his tips and techniques on how to catch big bass in muddy water.

In the video below (which was filmed on East Lynn Lake in West Virginia), Chase shares his personal setup, including rod and reel of choice, trailer and skirt colors, and even some modifications he makes to the spinner.

Tips and Techniques Discussed in this Video

  • A Beginner’s Look at Spinnerbaits: As Chase mentions in the video, this is a simple setup that he uses to catch more bass in muddy waters. As anglers become more comfortable throwing different lures, personal preferences will definitely take over. For those just getting started with spinnerbaits, however, this is a good, up-close look at the spinnerbait, how it swims, and some modifications that can be made for it.
  • Save Your Expensive Fishing Line for Special Occasions: Let’s face it — fishing can become really expensive, really fast. The Seaguar Red Label Fluorocarbon Fishing Line (15 lbs) used in the video is a durable, cost-effective options for anglers who are simply going out in search of honing their skills or casual anglers who fish from time to time. For comparison, Seaguar’s AbrazX Fluorocarbon Fishing Line can run twice the cost for the same yardage.
  • Slowing it Down with Additional Beads: Spinnerbaits will come in a variety of weights with varying compositions. To slow his lure down in the water, Chase adds additional beads (for a total of four to six). The Colorado blades continue to kick and spin, however, which adds vibration.

Setup Used in this Video

Reel: Shimano Curado DC Baitcast Reel

Rod: Shimano Zodias Casting Rod (7’2″ Medium-Heavy)

Line: Seaguar Red Label Fluorocarbon Fishing Line – 15 lb.

Spinnerbait: Tackle Box (South Point) 1/2oz Custom Spinnerbait

Blades: #4 Gold Colorado and #2 Red Colorado (w/ four beads)

Trailer: Zoom Creepy Crawler White Pearl

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