Nebraska Anglers Cited With 100+ Crappie Above Legal Limit

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On Thursday, May 19, the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission shared a story on social media noting that Officers Brian Arp, Heath Packett, and Rich Berggren had cited anglers who were over their legal limit of crappie at Standing Bear Lake, a 135-acre fishery northwest of Omaha.

The post on Facebook also notes that there were two separate incidents that saw anglers holding more than one hundred crappie above their limit.

The first incident, the post notes, saw three anglers holding bags over the daily limit (which is fifteen per person). One of the anglers was caught with 104 crappie beyond the limit.

A second incident saw an angler holding 106 crappie above the daily limit.

Nebraska Game and Parks Commission shared additional commentary on its Facebook post, stating:

“For those asking what happens to the fish: The fish are evidence, they are held for evidence until after the case. Typically, if the fish are salvageable, we then try to donate them.”

The Commission also stated:

“It’s the job of our Conservation Officers to prevent poaching, which includes over-fishing. When fish are not fit for human consumption, we can sometimes donate them to organizations like raptor programs. Overfishing can be detrimental to the ecosystem. There are reasons for limits and far-reaching consequences when people choose to poach and overconsume.”

The Facebook post also included a link to a digital fishing guide which features information about daily limits for anglers in the state. The guide can be accessed here.

This is yet another notable story involving anglers holding far more than their daily limit of crappie. In early January, the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks nabbed anglers with over 150 fish above their limit.

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