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Texas Fishing Tournament Results: March 22, 2020

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What started as a small Facebook group in late 2019 has grown fairly quickly — hats, shirts, mugs, and even tournaments.

The Facebook group Texas Fishing recently held its second tournament on March 22nd, 2020. Despite growing concerns across the nation due to COVID-19, precautions were taken to ensure anglers would keep an appropriate distance. The event saw a respectable 30 anglers show up for an “all waters” tournament.

According to Texas Fishing owner Corey Eddins, participants were fishing “all over the place,” exercising both social distancing and competitive strategy.

The Big Winners

Texas Fishing Tournament_Big Bass
Tournament winners “Fishing the Hood” also took home the event’s biggest bass

The team tournament, which was co-sponsored by Yeah Babee Bait Company, Barrel Fishing Baits, and Premier Angler, saw the Top 3 tandems leave with cash and prizes.

First Place: FTH (Fishing the Hood) | 59.5 inch total + biggest bass | $350 prize

Second Place: Springtown Boys | 59.5 inch total

Third Place: BassTurds | 52.5 inch total

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