Washington State Fishing Record Broken By Teenager

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Who says you need expensive gear to catch big fish?

Spoiler: You don’t. Sometimes we just like to buy nice stuff, right?

If there’s any doubt, though, look no further than a recent catch by Cole Abshere in Washington State.

Abshere, who is only 16 years old, withstood what would be a 45-minute battle with the now-Washington state record channel catfish.

“A Simple Pole and a Nightcrawler”: The Easy Key to Success

If only it was that easy for all of us…

Abshere’s catch, a 37.7 lb, 42 inch channel catfish caught in Lake Terrell in northwestern Washington (approximately 20 miles from the Canadian border) is quite the catch. Not only did it smash the previous Washington state record (caught in 1999) by one and a half pounds, but Abshere’s rig was neither fancy nor expensive.

While Abshere did not share what type of rod he was using, referred to it as a “simple pole.” Pair that with the nightcrawler he threw on 8 lb line, and there’s hope for any angler looking to enter the record books.

Dinner for All

So, what do you do after catching the largest channel catfish in your state?

You eat it!

At least that’s the plan if you’re Cole Abshere.

Cole and his grandfather were able to harvest an impressive 25 lbs of meat from the record catch. The head and spine, however, were donated to the Washing Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Justin Spinelli, the WDFW catfish expert, shared some interesting thoughts on the record fish. He estimates the fish was around 14 years old and was stocked at Lake Terrell in 2005.

The head and spine have been sent to a lab for more accurate testing, however.

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