Colorado Trout Stocking Schedule: Where You Can Find Fish (2022)

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When considering the best trout fishing destinations in the United States, you have to consider what species you are looking for. Brown trout? Lake trout? Rainbow trout?

All things considered, numerous states across the country can make the claim for having excellent trout fishing.

For avid trout fishing anglers, however, it is no secret that the western United States offers some of the most popular and highly-frequented trout fishing spots in the nation.

Throughout the year, anglers come from all over the state, region, and even the country to fish some of Colorado’s top trout fishing destinations. While popular destinations include Roaring Fork, Frying Pan River, Gunnison River, North Delaney Lake, Animas River, and Blue River, there are thousands of potential fishing destinations in Colorado.

Consider the fact that there are roughly 4,000 lakes, over 5,000 streams, and approximately 150 rivers in Colorado. When combined with countless ponds across the state, there are no shortage of fishing destinations in Colorado.

Colorado Trout Stocking Schedule: 2021

Unlike some eastern states like West Virginia (which only stocks trout during select months in Spring and Fall), Colorado fisheries receive trout stocking throughout the year. Numerous bodies receive trout stocking multiple times, while roughly 300 individual bodies are stocked with trout at least once during the year.

So, where are trout stocked in Colorado?

In additional to popular the destinations listed above, Colorado Parks and Wildlife stocks a few hundred lakes and ponds each year. You can also find quality trout fishing in numerous streams and rivers throughout the year.

The state makes efforts to stock bodies of water where trout can reasonably be caught. If the fishery reaches a depth of ten inches, it may receive trout stocking.

Across the state, you can expect to find a mixture of species, including cutthroat, brown, lake, brook, and rainbow trout. You can also find Kokanee salmon and mountain whitefish in various Colorado waters.

FisheryDate Stocked
Fountain Lake12/21/2021
Runyon Lake12/21/2021
St. Vrain State Park (Coot Pond and Sandpiper)12/14/2021
Northgates Ponds (#1, 2, and 3)12/14/2021
Ordway Reservoir12/14/2021
McCall Lake12/8/2021
Trinidad Reservoir12/7/2021
Trinidad Central Park Lake12/7/2021
Anticline Pond12/6/2021
Arkansas River12/6/2021
Boyd Lake12/2/2021
Martin Lake12/2/2021
Horseshoe Reservoir12/2/2021
Chatfield Reservoir11/30/2021
Cherry Creek Reservoir11/30/2021
Aurora Reservoir11/23/2021
Bear Creek Reservoir11/23/2021
Runyon Lake11/22/2021
Fountain Lake11/22/2021
Anticline Pond11/22/2021
Pikeview Reservoir11/18/2021
Wolf Lake11/18/2021
Quail Lake11/18/2021
Monument Lake11/17/2021
Palmer Lake11/17/2021
Webster Lake11/16/2021
St. Vrain State Park Mallard11/16/2021
St. Vrain State Park Sandpiper11/16/2021
McCall Lake11/16/2021
Boyd Lake11/15/2021
Runyon Lake11/8/2021
Pueblo West Pond11/8/2021
Fountain Lake11/8/2021
Stagecoach Reservoir11/8/2021
Wolford Mountain Reservoir11/8/2021
Harvey Gap Reservoir11/5/2021
Douglas Reservoir11/5/2021
Harvey Gap Reservoir11/5/2021
Douglas Reservoir11/5/2021
Lon Hagler Reservoir11/4/2021
Boyd Lake11/4/2021
Crystal River11/4/2021
Prospect Lake11/4/2021
Quail Lake11/4/2021
Willow Springs Pond #211/4/2021
Duckwood Pond11/4/2021
Lon Hagler Reservoir11/4/2021
Boyd Lake11/4/2021
Crystal River11/4/2021
Prospect Lake11/4/2021
Quail Lake11/4/2021
Willow Springs Pond #211/4/2021
Duckwood Pond11/4/2021
Aurora Reservoir11/3/2021
Aurora Reservoir11/3/2021
Stagecoach Reservoir11/2/2021
Cherry Creek Reservoir11/2/2021
Stagecoach Reservoir11/2/2021
Cherry Creek Reservoir11/2/2021
Blue Mesa Reservoir11/1/2021
Blue Mesa Reservoir11/1/2021
Stagecoach Reservoir10/29/2021
Carter Lake10/29/2021
Pinewood Reservoir10/29/2021
Severance City Pond10/28/2021
Sheldon Lake10/28/2021
Trinidad Central Park Lake10/28/2021
Trinidad Reservoir10/28/2021
Hugo SWA Pond #210/26/2021
Hugo SWA Pond #510/26/2021
Hugo SWA Pond #610/26/2021
Kinney Lake10/26/2021
Carter Lake10/25/2021
Ketner Lake10/25/2021
Hine Lake10/25/2021
Mack Mesa Lake10/22/2021
Dillon Reservoir10/22/2021
Hale Ponds10/21/2021
Boxelder Lake #310/20/2021
Loveland Service Center Pond10/20/2021
Lon Hagler Reservoir10/20/2021
Martin Lake10/20/2021
Horseshoe Reservoir10/20/2021
Parachute Pond10/19/2021
Confluence Lake10/19/2021
Olathe Kids Pond10/19/2021
Ridgway Reservoir10/19/2021
Northgate Pond #110/19/2021
Northgate Pond #210/19/2021
Northgate Pond #310/19/2021
Black Hole at Two Buttes10/19/2021
Turks Pond10/19/2021
Hudson Town Pond10/18/2021
Mead Pond #210/18/2021
Roberts Lake10/18/2021
Ordway Reservoir10/18/2021
Runyon Lake10/18/2021
Fountain Lake10/18/2021
Pueblo West Pond10/18/2021
Izaak Walton Longmont Pond10/15/2021
Pikeview Reservoir10/14/2021
Wolf Lake10/14/2021
Severance City Pond10/13/2021
Jackson Gulch Reservoir10/13/2021
Thornton Gravel Lake #210/13/2021
Mann-Nyholt Lake South10/13/2021
Confluence Lake10/12/2021
North Lake Park Pond10/12/2021
Jackson’s Pond10/12/2021
Clay Creek Pond10/12/2021
Midwestern Farms Pond10/12/2021
Dragon Fly Pond10/7/2021
Flatiron Reservoir10/7/2021
Pinewood Reservoir10/7/2021
Dillon Reservoir10/7/2021
Palisade Riverbend Park Pond10/7/2021
Golden Gravel Pond #310/7/2021
McCall Lake10/7/2021
Thomas Reservoir10/7/2021
Ridgway Reservoir10/6/2021
Tiago Lake10/6/2021
Highline Lake10/6/2021
Palmer Lake10/6/2021
Webster Lake10/5/2021
St. Vrain State Park Coot Pond10/5/2021
St. Vrain State Park Sandpiper10/5/2021
Monument Lake10/5/2021
Tiago Lake10/1/2021
Lake John9/30/2021
Willow Springs Pond #29/30/2021
Willow Springs Pond #19/30/2021
Prospect Lake9/30/2021
Quail Lake9/30/2021
Vallecito Reservoir9/30/2021
Chipeta Lake9/29/2021
Ridgway Reservoir9/29/2021
Fruita Red Rocks Lake9/29/2021
Mack Mesa Lake9/29/2021
West Lake9/29/2021
Fountain Lake9/29/2021
Pueblo West Pond9/29/2021
Runyon Lake9/29/2021
Bear Creek Reservoir9/28/2021
Arvada Reservoir9/28/2021
Vallecito Reservoir9/24/2021
Roans Pothole9/24/2021
Old Orchard9/24/2021
Ridgway Reservoir9/23/2021
Vallecito Reservoir9/23/2021
Corn Lake9/23/2021
Twin Spruce Ponds9/22/2021
Arkansas River9/22/2021
Anticline Pond9/22/2021
Vallecito Reservoir9/21/2021
Chatfield Reservoir9/21/2021
Rifle Gap Reservoir9/20/2021
Catamount Reservoir South9/20/2021
Sleepy Cat Ponds9/17/2021
Bellaire Lake9/17/2021
Craig City Ponds9/17/2021
Catamount Reservoir North9/16/2021
Dinkle Lake9/16/2021
Old Pond9/16/2021
Maroon Lake9/16/2021
Teal Lake9/16/2021
Vallecito Reservoir9/16/2021
Island Lake9/15/2021
Parachute Pond9/15/2021
Willow Creek Reservoir9/15/2021
Monarch Lake9/15/2021
Fraser Lions Club Kids Pond9/15/2021
Vallecito Reservoir9/15/2021
Island Lake9/14/2021
Rampart Reservoir9/14/2021
Vallecito Reservoir9/14/2021
Rampart Reservoir9/9/2021
Seymour Reservoir9/9/2021
Georgetown Lake9/8/2021
Ruedi Reservoir9/8/2021
Georgetown Lake9/7/2021
Meeker Kids Pond9/2/2021
Avery Pond9/2/2021
Axial Basin Lake9/2/2021
Seymour Reservoir9/1/2021
Cowdrey Lake9/1/2021
Evergreen Lake8/31/2021
Gypsum Ponds8/30/2021
Rangely Fishing Pond8/30/2021
Frantz Lake8/27/2021
Lake Isabel8/27/2021
Crystal River8/26/2021
Tarryall Reservoir8/26/2021
Georgetown Lake8/26/2021
Horsetooth Reservoir8/25/2021
Huerfano River8/25/2021
Eagle Ranch Children’s Pond8/25/2021
Berry Creek Pond8/25/2021
Wilmor Pond8/25/2021
Echo Lake8/25/2021
Urad Mine Lake8/25/2021
Catamount Reservoir North8/24/2021
Catamount Reservoir South8/24/2021
Twin Lakes Lower8/24/2021
Twin Lakes Upper8/24/2021
Beaver Lake8/24/2021
Walden Lions Park Pond8/24/2021
Teal Lake8/24/2021
Taylor Park Reservoir8/23/2021
Dillon Reservoir8/23/2021
San Juan River8/20/2021
San Juan River, East Fork8/20/2021
South Platte River8/19/2021
Clear Creek Reservoir8/19/2021
Vallecito Reservoir8/19/2021
Twin Lakes Lower8/18/2021
Twin Lakes Upper8/18/2021
Rampart Reservoir8/18/2021
Vallecito Reservoir8/17/2021
Taylor Park Reservoir8/16/2021
Grizzly Reservoir8/16/2021
Jefferson Lake8/16/2021
Lake Isabel8/16/2021
Taylor Park Reservoir8/13/2021
Molas Lake, Big8/12/2021
Chalk Lake8/11/2021
Wrights Lake8/11/2021
Twin Lakes Lower8/11/2021
Twin Lakes Upper8/11/2021
San Juan River8/11/2021
San Juan River, East Fork8/11/2021
West Fork Lakes (2)8/11/2021
Columbia Reservoir8/10/2021
Fairplay Pond8/10/2021
Skaguay Reservoir8/10/2021
Tarryall Reservoir8/10/2021
Buena Vista Kids Pond8/9/2021
Cottonwood Lake8/9/2021
Fooses Lake8/9/2021
Mt. Elbert Forebay8/9/2021
Taylor Park Reservoir8/6/2021
Animas River8/6/2021
Meadow Lake8/5/2021
Vallecito Reservoir8/5/2021
Taylor Park Reservoir8/5/2021
Mirror Lake8/5/2021
Old Pond8/4/2021
Ruedi Reservoir8/4/2021
Dolores River, West Fork8/4/2021
Dolores River8/4/2021
Dolores River8/4/2021
Pothole Lake #1 (lower)8/4/2021
Pothole Lake #2 (upper)8/4/2021
Taylor Park Reservoir8/4/2021
Rifle Gap Reservoir8/2/2021
Montgomery Reservoir7/30/2021
Sands Lake7/30/2021
Maroon Lake7/30/2021
Taylor Park Reservoir7/28/2021
Muddy Pass Lake7/28/2021
Shadow Mountain Reservoir7/28/2021
Salida Hydro Pond #27/28/2021
Wrights Lake7/28/2021
Fetcher City Pond7/28/2021
Hahns Peak Lake7/28/2021
Taylor Park Reservoir7/27/2021
Island Lake7/27/2021
Ruedi Reservoir7/27/2021
Sweetwater Lake7/27/2021
Grizzly Reservoir7/27/2021
Lost Man Reservoir7/27/2021
Chapman Reservoir7/26/2021
Ivanhoe Lake7/26/2021
Davis Ponds7/26/2021
Davis Ponds7/26/2021
Fairplay Pond7/26/2021
Tarryall Reservoir7/26/2021
Riverside Pond, North7/23/2021
Riverside Pond, South7/23/2021
Twin Lakes Lower7/23/2021
Twin Lakes Upper7/23/2021
Taylor Park Reservoir7/23/2021
Animas River7/22/2021
Mineral Creek, South7/22/2021
Clear Creek Reservoir7/22/2021
Meadow Lake7/21/2021
Island Lake7/21/2021
North Fork Reservoir7/21/2021
Horsetooth Reservoir7/20/2021
Curtain Ponds7/20/2021
Trent Pond7/20/2021
Sawmill Reservoir7/20/2021
Wilmor Pond7/20/2021
Beaver Lake7/20/2021
Trout Lake7/20/2021
Clear Creek Reservoir7/20/2021
Heart Lake7/20/2021
Sweetwater Lake7/20/2021
Tarryall Reservoir7/20/2021
Twin Spruce Ponds7/20/2021
Lake San Cristobal7/19/2021
Horsetooth Reservoir7/19/2021
Tiago Lake7/19/2021
Teal Lake7/19/2021
Cottonwood Lake7/19/2021
Horsetooth Reservoir7/16/2021
Bear Lake7/16/2021
Chalk Lake7/16/2021
Wrights Lake7/16/2021
Skaguay Reservoir7/16/2021
Molas Lake, Big7/16/2021
Casey’s Pond7/15/2021
Hahns Peak Lake7/15/2021
Pothole Lake #1 (lower)7/14/2021
Taylor Park Reservoir7/14/2021
Big Creek Lake, Lower7/14/2021
Lake Granby7/14/2021
Urad Mine Lake7/14/2021
Turquoise Lake7/14/2021
Taylor Park Reservoir7/13/2021
San Miguel River7/13/2021
Chatfield Reservoir7/13/2021
Flatiron Reservoir7/13/2021
Jefferson Lake7/13/2021
Grand Lake7/13/2021
Rifle Gap Reservoir7/13/2021
Trap Lake7/12/2021
West Lake7/12/2021
Lake San Cristobal7/12/2021
Columbia Reservoir7/12/2021
Montgomery Reservoir7/12/2021
Sands Lake7/12/2021
Clear Lake7/12/2021
Echo Lake7/12/2021
Georgetown Lake7/12/2021
Rifle Creek7/12/2021
Fooses Lake7/9/2021
Barker Reservoir7/9/2021
Pothole Lake #2 (upper)7/9/2021
Taylor Park Reservoir7/9/2021
Fetcher City Pond7/9/2021
Hohnholz Lake #2, Little7/9/2021
Twin Spruce Ponds7/8/2021
Tarryall Reservoir7/8/2021
East River7/8/2021
Slate River7/8/2021
Cherry Creek Reservoir7/8/2021
Twin Lakes Upper7/7/2021
Blue Lake, Lower7/7/2021
Catamount Reservoir South7/7/2021
Red Rock Lake7/7/2021
Taylor Park Reservoir7/7/2021
Tincup Pond7/6/2021
Mirror Lake7/6/2021
Buena Vista Kids Pond7/6/2021
Cottonwood Lake7/6/2021
Fairplay Pond7/6/2021
Twin Lakes Lower7/6/2021
Monument Reservoir7/6/2021
Blue Lake7/6/2021
Bear Lake7/6/2021
Lake Isabel7/6/2021
Bear Creek Reservoir7/6/2021
Big Creek Lake, Lower7/6/2021
Dowdy Lake7/6/2021
West Lake7/6/2021
Meadows Reservoir, Big7/6/2021
Ridgway Reservoir7/2/2021
Daigre Reservoir7/2/2021
Wahatoya Reservoir7/2/2021
Trinidad Reservoir7/2/2021
Taylor Park Reservoir7/1/2021
Molas Lake, Big7/1/2021
San Juan River7/1/2021
San Juan River, East Fork7/1/2021
West Fork Lakes (2)7/1/2021
Rampart Reservoir7/1/2021
Fraser Lions Club Kids Pond7/1/2021
Monarch Lake7/1/2021
Breeze Pond7/1/2021
Roaring Judy Ponds6/30/2021
Irwin Lake6/30/2021
Mosquito Lake6/30/2021
Animas River6/30/2021
Lake San Cristobal6/30/2021
Lake Isabel6/30/2021
DeWeese Reservoir6/30/2021
Trinidad Reservoir6/30/2021
Lost Lake Slough6/29/2021
Beaver Creek Reservoir6/29/2021
Big Meadows Reservoir6/29/2021
Dolores River, West Fork6/29/2021
Pericles Pond6/29/2021
Shavano Pond6/29/2021
Trout Lake6/29/2021
Berry Creek Pond6/29/2021
Ridgway Reservoir6/28/2021
Vallecito Reservoir6/28/2021
Catamount Reservoir North6/28/2021
Catamount Reservoir South6/28/2021
Chatfield Reservoir6/28/2021
Trap Lake6/28/2021
Cottonwood Lake #46/25/2021
Enochs Lake6/25/2021
Fruita Reservoir #16/25/2021
Kitson Reservoir6/25/2021
Irwin Lake6/24/2021
Bailey Reservoir6/24/2021
Clear Lake6/24/2021
Urad Mine Lake6/24/2021
Andrews Lake6/24/2021
Mineral Creek, South6/24/2021
Dome Lake, Upper6/24/2021
Aurora Reservoir6/23/2021
Piney Lake6/23/2021
Kriley Pond6/23/2021
Slough Pond6/23/2021
Turquoise Lake6/23/2021
Ridgway Reservoir6/22/2021
Lost Lake Slough6/22/2021
Cherry Creek Reservoir6/21/2021
Meadow Creek Reservoir6/21/2021
Monument Reservoir6/21/2021
North Lake Park Pond6/21/2021
Rosemont Reservoir6/21/2021
Island Lake6/20/2021
Sunset Lake6/20/2021
Riverside Pond, North6/18/2021
Sands Lake6/18/2021
Vallecito Reservoir6/18/2021
Rosemont Reservoir6/18/2021
Granby City Pond6/18/2021
Taylor Park Reservoir6/18/2021
Fetcher City Pond6/18/2021
Hahns Peak Lake6/18/2021
Twin Lakes Lower6/17/2021
Chalk Lake6/17/2021
Columbia Reservoir6/17/2021
Montgomery Reservoir6/17/2021
Wrights Lake6/17/2021
Jackson Gulch Reservoir6/17/2021
Ruedi Reservoir6/17/2021
Trent Pond6/17/2021
Camp Hale Pond6/17/2021
Sawmill Reservoir6/17/2021
Curtain Ponds6/17/2021
DeWeese Reservoir6/17/2021
Rampart Reservoir6/17/2021
Neversweat Reservoir6/17/2021
Weir & Johnson Reservoir6/17/2021
Dumont Lake6/17/2021
Steamboat Lake6/17/2021
Trinidad Reservoir6/17/2021
Echo Lake6/16/2021
Willow Creek Reservoir6/16/2021
Evergreen Lake6/16/2021
Manitou Park Lake6/16/2021
Bellaire Lake6/16/2021
Alta Lake Lower6/16/2021
Buckhorn Lake, Big6/16/2021
Overland Reservoir6/15/2021
Cobbett Lake6/15/2021
Maroon Lake6/15/2021
Lake Granby6/15/2021
Grand Lake6/15/2021
Meadow Lake6/15/2021
Elk Creek, East6/15/2021
Fairplay Pond6/15/2021
Jefferson Lake6/15/2021
Dragonfly Pond6/15/2021
Catamount Reservoir North6/15/2021
Bear Lake6/15/2021
Blue Lake6/15/2021
Dowdy Lake6/15/2021
West Lake6/15/2021
Arvada Reservoir6/15/2021
Trickle Park Reservoir6/14/2021
Weir & Johnson Reservoir6/14/2021
Standley Lake6/14/2021
Wolford Mountain Reservoir6/14/2021
Henderson Lake6/14/2021
Big Creek Lake, Lower6/14/2021
Pitkin Kids Pond6/11/2021
Quartz Creek6/11/2021
Andrews Lake6/11/2021
Molas Lake, Big6/11/2021
Windsor Lake6/11/2021
Pinewood Reservoir6/11/2021
Cottonwood Lake #16/11/2021
Cottonwood Lake #46/11/2021
Sylvan Lake6/11/2021
Sweetwater Lake6/11/2021
Roaring Judy Ponds6/10/2021
Slate River6/10/2021
East River6/10/2021
Pastorius Reservoir6/10/2021
Clear Creek Reservoir6/10/2021
Nottingham Lake6/10/2021
Wilmor Pond6/10/2021
Eagle Ranch Children’s Pond6/10/2021
Douglas Reservoir6/9/2021
Boxelder Lake #36/9/2021
Flatiron Reservoir6/9/2021
Deep Ward Lake6/9/2021
Reed Reservoir6/9/2021
Echo Canyon Reservoir6/9/2021
Lake Granby6/9/2021
Teal Lake6/9/2021
Tiago Lake6/9/2021
Ward Creek Reservoir6/8/2021
Cobbett Lake6/8/2021
Kiser Slough Reservoir6/8/2021
Sheldon Lake6/7/2021
Lon Hagler Reservoir6/7/2021
Tincup Pond6/7/2021
Mirror Lake6/7/2021
Island Lake6/7/2021
Rampart Reservoir6/4/2021
Riverway Pond6/4/2021
Dome Lake, Upper6/4/2021
Mead Pond #26/3/2021
Mesa Lake6/3/2021
Horseshoe Reservoir6/3/2021
Martin Lake6/3/2021
Walsenburg Kids Pond6/3/2021
Big Meadows Reservoir6/3/2021
Wahatoya Reservoir6/3/2021
Baron Lake6/3/2021
Hotel Twin Lake6/3/2021
Haviland Lake6/3/2021
Baron Lake6/2/2021
Hotel Twin Lake6/2/2021
Alexander Lake6/2/2021
Arrowhead Lake6/2/2021
Telluride Kids Pond6/2/2021
Trout Lake6/2/2021
Fooses Lake6/2/2021
Mountain Home Reservoir6/2/2021
Centennial Lake6/1/2021
Dry Creek Pond6/1/2021
Water Dog Reservoir6/1/2021
Ward Creek Reservoir6/1/2021
Quail Lake6/1/2021
Davis Ponds6/1/2021
Davis Ponds6/1/2021
North Lake Park Pond5/28/2021
Lon Hagler Reservoir5/28/2021
Boulder Kids Pond5/28/2021
Cherry Creek Reservoir5/27/2021
Catamount Reservoir North5/27/2021
Catamount Reservoir South5/27/2021
Sunset Lake5/27/2021
Arvada Reservoir5/26/2021
Flatiron Reservoir5/26/2021
Pinewood Reservoir5/26/2021
Roaring Judy Ponds5/26/2021
Lake Isabel5/26/2021
Pothole Lake #1 (lower)5/25/2021
Pothole Lake #2 (upper)5/25/2021
Taylor Park Reservoir5/25/2021
St. Vrain State Park Sandpiper5/25/2021
St. Vrain State Park Coot Pond5/25/2021
Union Reservoir5/25/2021
DeWeese Reservoir5/25/2021
Hine Lake5/24/2021
Berkeley Lake5/24/2021
City Park Lake5/24/2021
Rampart Reservoir5/24/2021
Deer Lakes5/24/2021
Deer Lakes5/24/2021
Deer Lakes5/24/2021
Bear Lake5/24/2021
Cold Springs Pond5/24/2021
Gardner Park Reservoir5/24/2021
Monument Reservoir5/21/2021
Hudson Town Pond5/21/2021
Bittersweet Lake5/21/2021
Allen Park Lake5/21/2021
Sheldon Lake5/20/2021
Windsor Lake5/20/2021
Columbine Ponds5/20/2021
Trinidad Reservoir5/20/2021
Trinidad Central Park Lake5/20/2021
Ehrlich Lake5/19/2021
South Platte River5/19/2021
Cochetopa Creek5/19/2021
Dome Lake, Upper5/19/2021
Gunnison Pond5/19/2021
McDonough Reservoir5/19/2021
Pac-Man Lake5/19/2021
Ranger Lake, Upper5/19/2021
Pueblo City Park Lake – Lake Joy5/19/2021
Arkansas River5/19/2021
Anticline Pond5/19/2021
Taylor Park Reservoir5/18/2021
Pericles Pond5/18/2021
Shavano Pond5/18/2021
Standley Lake5/18/2021
Waneka Lake5/18/2021
Fraser Lions Club Kids Pond5/18/2021
Granby City Pond5/18/2021
Bellaire Lake5/17/2021
Prospect Lake5/17/2021
Wolf Lake5/17/2021
Pikeview Reservoir5/17/2021
Tarryall Reservoir5/17/2021
Taylor Park Reservoir5/14/2021
Chatfield Reservoir5/14/2021
Eaglewatch Lake5/14/2021
Green Mountain Falls Lake5/14/2021
Enochs Lake5/13/2021
Palisade Riverbend Park Pond5/13/2021
Fruita Reservoir #35/13/2021
Sylvan Lake5/13/2021
Sweetwater Lake5/13/2021
Smith Lake5/13/2021
Centennial Park Lake5/13/2021
Bear Creek Reservoir5/13/2021
Glenmere Lake5/13/2021
Riverside Park Lake5/13/2021
North Lake Park Pond5/13/2021
North Lake5/13/2021
Rampart Reservoir5/13/2021
Yamcolo Reservoir5/12/2021
Taylor Park Reservoir5/12/2021
Vallecito Reservoir5/12/2021
Chalk Lake5/12/2021
Twin Lakes Lower5/12/2021
Wrights Lake5/12/2021
Mann-Nyholt Lake South5/12/2021
Webster Lake5/12/2021
Brighton Park Lake5/12/2021
Seymour Reservoir5/12/2021
Casey’s Pond5/11/2021
Fetcher City Pond5/11/2021
Nofstger Reservoir5/11/2021
Columbia Reservoir5/11/2021
Davis Ponds5/11/2021
Davis Ponds5/11/2021
Fairplay Pond5/11/2021
Skaguay Reservoir5/11/2021
Aurora Reservoir5/11/2021
Quincy Reservoir5/11/2021
Dowdy Lake5/10/2021
West Lake5/10/2021
Cowdrey Lake5/10/2021
Cowdrey Lake5/10/2021
Runyon Lake5/10/2021
Pueblo West Pond5/10/2021
Ordway Reservoir5/10/2021
Dragon Fly Pond5/7/2021
Flatiron Reservoir5/7/2021
Pinewood Reservoir5/7/2021
Rocky Mountain Lake5/7/2021
Berkeley Lake5/7/2021
Tabor Lake5/7/2021
Pikeview Reservoir5/6/2021
Palmer Lake5/6/2021
Monument Lake5/6/2021
Vallecito Reservoir5/6/2021
Seymour Reservoir5/5/2021
Clear Creek Reservoir5/5/2021
Quail Lake5/5/2021
Willow Springs Pond #15/5/2021
Willow Springs Pond #25/5/2021
Yampa River5/5/2021
Echo Canyon Reservoir5/5/2021
Lake San Cristobal5/4/2021
Old Pond5/4/2021
McKee Lake5/4/2021
Catamount Reservoir South5/4/2021
Lake Isabel5/4/2021
Schryver Park Pond5/4/2021
Dragon Fly Pond5/4/2021
Rampart Reservoir5/4/2021
Waneka Lake5/4/2021
Harper Lake5/4/2021
Thomas Reservoir5/4/2021
Lake San Cristobal5/3/2021
DeWeese Reservoir5/3/2021
Beckwith Reservoir5/3/2021
Arvada Reservoir5/3/2021
Standley Lake5/3/2021
Berry Creek Pond4/30/2021
Eagle Ranch Children’s Pond4/30/2021
Gypsum Ponds4/30/2021
Willow Creek Reservoir4/29/2021
Shadow Mountain Reservoir4/29/2021
Manitou Park Lake4/29/2021
North Lake4/29/2021
Monument Reservoir4/29/2021
Mt. Elbert Forebay4/29/2021
Pueblo City Park Lake – Lake Joy4/28/2021
Anticline Pond4/28/2021
Gunnison Pond4/28/2021
Parachute Pond4/28/2021
Clear Creek Reservoir4/28/2021
Severance City Pond4/27/2021
Bittersweet Lake4/27/2021
Boxelder Lake #34/27/2021
Douglas Reservoir4/27/2021
Hale Ponds4/27/2021
Ligon Reservoir4/27/2021
Chipeta Lake4/27/2021
Ridgway Reservoir4/27/2021
McCall Lake4/27/2021
St. Vrain State Park Sandpiper4/27/2021
St. Vrain State Park Coot Pond4/27/2021
Lake Granby4/27/2021
Izaak Walton Longmont Pond4/26/2021
Mead Pond #24/26/2021
Johnston Reservoir4/26/2021
Mann-Nyholt Lake South4/26/2021
Brighton Park Lake4/26/2021
Thornton Gravel Lake #34/26/2021
Thornton Gravel Lake #24/26/2021
Chatfield Pond #14/26/2021
Harvey Gap Reservoir4/26/2021
Palisade Riverbend Park Pond4/26/2021
Highline Lake4/26/2021
Fruita Red Rocks Lake4/26/2021
West Lake4/26/2021
Breeze Pond4/26/2021
Granby Town Pond #14/26/2021
Green Mountain Falls Lake4/26/2021
Catamount Reservoir North4/26/2021
Pine Valley Ranch Lake4/26/2021
Joe Moore Reservoir4/23/2021
Centennial Lake4/23/2021
West Lake4/23/2021
Dowdy Lake4/23/2021
Echo Canyon Reservoir4/22/2021
Summit Reservoir4/22/2021
Eaglewatch Lake4/22/2021
Chatfield Reservoir4/22/2021
Rainbow Reservoir4/21/2021
Fetcher City Pond4/21/2021
Hohnholz Lake #2, Little4/21/2021
Golden Gravel Pond #34/21/2021
Thomas Reservoir4/21/2021
Webster Lake4/21/2021
Bear Creek Reservoir4/21/2021
Dragon Fly Pond4/20/2021
Huerfano River4/20/2021
Manitou Park Lake4/20/2021
Horseshoe Reservoir4/20/2021
Roans Pothole4/20/2021
Old Orchard4/20/2021
Pueblo Reservoir4/19/2021
Pathfinder Park Pond4/19/2021
Green Mountain Falls Lake4/19/2021
Schryver Park Pond4/19/2021
Ordway Reservoir4/19/2021
Runyon Lake4/19/2021
Fountain Lake4/19/2021
Pueblo West Pond4/19/2021
Roaring Judy Ponds4/16/2021
Echo Canyon Reservoir4/16/2021
Pastorius Reservoir4/16/2021
Billy Creek Lake4/15/2021
Ridgway Reservoir4/15/2021
Corn Lake4/15/2021
Wilmor Pond4/15/2021
Nottingham Lake4/15/2021
Slough Pond4/15/2021
Kriley Pond4/15/2021
Turks Pond4/14/2021
Black Hole at Two Buttes4/14/2021
Jackson’s Pond4/14/2021
Viele Lake4/13/2021
Riverside Park Lake4/13/2021
Glenmere Lake4/13/2021
Dome Lake, Upper4/13/2021
Hot Springs Reservoir4/13/2021
Main Lake4/13/2021
Centennial Park Lake4/13/2021
Smith Lake4/13/2021
Twin Spruce Ponds4/13/2021
Pueblo Reservoir4/13/2021
Brush Hollow Reservoir4/13/2021
Beckwith Reservoir4/13/2021
Evergreen Lake4/13/2021
North Lake Park Pond4/12/2021
Boxelder Lake #34/12/2021
Windsor Lake4/12/2021
Applebaugh Pond4/12/2021
Ridgway Reservoir4/12/2021
Uncompahgre River4/12/2021
Willow Springs Pond #24/9/2021
Duckwood Pond4/9/2021
Quail Lake4/9/2021
Prospect Lake4/9/2021
Axial Basin Lake4/8/2021
Rangely Fishing Pond4/8/2021
Sleepy Cat Ponds4/8/2021
Craig City Ponds4/8/2021
Craig Justice Center Pond4/8/2021
Harvey Gap Reservoir4/8/2021
Juniata Reservoir4/8/2021
Confluence Lake4/8/2021
Olathe Kids Pond4/8/2021
Ehrlich Lake4/7/2021
Centennial Lake4/7/2021
North Sterling Reservoir4/7/2021
Jackson Reservoir4/7/2021
Sheldon Lake4/7/2021
Pericles Pond4/7/2021
Shavano Pond4/7/2021
Uncompahgre River4/7/2021
Rocky Mountain Lake4/7/2021
Berkeley Lake4/7/2021
Cherry Creek Reservoir4/7/2021
Lon Hagler Reservoir4/6/2021
Carter Lake4/6/2021
Boulder Kids Pond4/6/2021
Loveland Service Center Pond4/6/2021
Pikeview Reservoir4/6/2021
Wolf Lake4/6/2021
Chipeta Lake4/5/2021
Ridgway Reservoir4/5/2021
Northgate Pond #14/5/2021
Northgate Pond #24/5/2021
Northgate Pond #34/5/2021
Midwestern Farms Pond4/5/2021
Clay Creek Pond4/5/2021
Las Animas Pond4/5/2021
La Junta Kids Pond4/5/2021
Georgetown Lake4/2/2021
Monument Lake4/2/2021
Gypsum Ponds4/1/2021
Beaver Lake4/1/2021
Highline Lake4/1/2021
Anticline Pond4/1/2021
Pueblo City Park Lake – Lake Joy4/1/2021
Arkansas River4/1/2021
Severance City Pond3/31/2021
Bittersweet Lake3/31/2021
Arapahoe Bend Cormorant Pond3/31/2021
Boyd Lake3/31/2021
Jim Baker Reservoir3/31/2021
Barr Lake3/31/2021
Ridgway Reservoir3/31/2021
Mead Pond #23/30/2021
Johnston Reservoir3/30/2021
Milavec Reservoir3/30/2021
Old Orchard3/30/2021
Roans Pothole3/30/2021
Parachute Pond3/30/2021
Mann-Nyholt Lake South3/30/2021
Thornton Gravel Lake #33/30/2021
Thornton Gravel Lake #23/30/2021
Confluence Lake3/29/2021
Olathe Kids Pond3/29/2021
Hudson Town Pond3/29/2021
Roberts Lake3/29/2021
Izaak Walton Longmont Pond3/29/2021
Arvada Reservoir3/29/2021
Standley Lake3/29/2021
Glenmere Lake3/26/2021
Riverside Park Lake3/26/2021
Carter Lake3/26/2021
San Miguel River3/25/2021
Kinney Lake3/25/2021
Kissel Pond3/25/2021
Hugo SWA Pond #53/25/2021
Hugo SWA Pond #63/25/2021
Hugo SWA Pond #23/25/2021
Corn Lake3/24/2021
Ridgway Reservoir3/24/2021
Shadow Mountain Reservoir3/23/2021
Aurora Reservoir3/23/2021
Quincy Reservoir3/23/2021
Ordway Reservoir3/22/2021
Fountain Lake3/19/2021
Runyon Lake3/19/2021
Fountain Lake3/19/2021
Runyon Lake3/19/2021
Chipeta Lake3/17/2021
Boyd Lake3/12/2021
Olathe Kids Pond3/12/2021
Confluence Lake3/12/2021
Dragon Fly Pond3/11/2021
Boxelder Lake #33/11/2021
Douglas Reservoir3/11/2021
Centennial Park Lake3/11/2021
Hine Lake3/11/2021
Fruita Red Rocks Lake3/10/2021
Old Orchard3/10/2021
Roans Pothole3/10/2021
North Sterling Reservoir3/9/2021
Trinidad Central Park Lake3/9/2021
Trinidad Reservoir3/9/2021
Confluence Lake3/9/2021
Palisade Riverbend Park Pond3/9/2021
Milavec Reservoir3/8/2021
Sandpiper Pond3/8/2021
Golden Gravel Pond #33/8/2021
Thomas Reservoir3/8/2021
Uncompahgre River3/8/2021
Beckwith Reservoir3/8/2021
Brush Hollow Reservoir3/8/2021
Pathfinder Park Pond3/8/2021
Lon Hagler Reservoir3/5/2021
St. Vrain State Park Mallard3/4/2021
St. Vrain State Park Pelican3/4/2021
McCall Lake3/4/2021
Quail Lake3/4/2021
Prospect Lake3/4/2021
Berkeley Lake3/3/2021
Rocky Mountain Lake3/3/2021
Avery Pond3/3/2021
Northgate Pond #13/2/2021
Northgate Pond #23/2/2021
Northgate Pond #33/2/2021
Midwestern Farms Pond3/2/2021
Fountain Lake2/26/2021
Runyon Lake2/26/2021
Pueblo West Pond2/26/2021
Anticline Pond2/24/2021
St. Vrain State Park Coot Pond2/24/2021
St. Vrain State Park Sandpiper2/24/2021
Sylvan Lake2/24/2021
Jackson Reservoir2/23/2021
Arkansas River2/23/2021
Horseshoe Reservoir2/17/2021
Martin Lake2/17/2021
Corn Lake2/12/2021
Ruedi Reservoir2/11/2021
Bear Creek Reservoir2/11/2021
Main Lake2/11/2021
Mann-Nyholt Lake North2/9/2021
Barr Lake2/9/2021
Jackson Reservoir2/9/2021
Parachute Pond2/2/2021
Dillon Reservoir2/1/2021
Fruita Red Rocks Lake1/28/2021
Snooks Bottom Lake1/28/2021
Highline Lake1/28/2021
Fountain Lake1/27/2021
Runyon Lake1/27/2021
Old Orchard1/26/2021
Roans Pothole1/26/2021
Corn Lake1/26/2021
Harvey Gap Reservoir1/22/2021
Rifle Gap Reservoir1/22/2021
Anticline Pond1/21/2021
Arkansas River1/21/2021
Arkansas River1/21/2021
Lake Granby1/20/2021
Lake Granby1/19/2021
Joe Moore Reservoir1/8/2021
Summit Reservoir1/7/2021

Lakes That Receive Trout Stocking in Colorado

Alexander Lake
Alta Lake Lower
Andrews Lake
Animas River
Anticline Pond
Applebaugh Pond
Arkansas River
Arvada Reservoir
Aurora Reservoir
Avery Pond
Axial Basin Lake
Barker Reservoir
Barnes Meadow Reservoir
Baron Lake
Barr Lake
Bear Creek Reservoir
Bear Lake
Beaver Creek
Beaver Creek Reservoir
Beckwith Reservoir
Bellaire Lake
Berkeley Lake
Big Creek Lake, Lower
Big Meadows Reservoir
Billy Creek Lake
Black Hole at Two Buttes
Blue Lake
Blue Lake, Lower
Blue Mesa Reservoir
Boulder Kids Pond
Boxelder Lake #3
Boyd Lake
Breeze Pond
Brighton Park Lake
Brush Hollow Reservoir
Buckhorn Lake, Big
Buena Vista Kids Pond
Camp Hale Pond
Carter Lake
Casey Pond
Catamount Reservoir North
Catamount Reservoir South
Centennial Lake
Centennial Park Lake
Chalk Lake
Chambers Lake
Chapman Reservoir
Chatfield Pond #1
Chatfield Reservoir
Cherry Creek Reservoir
Chipeta Lake
Clay Creek Pond
Clear Creek Reservoir
Clearwater Pond – Belly Boat #3
Cobbett Lake
Cochetopa Creek
Columbia Reservoir
Columbine Ponds
Confluence Lake
Corn Lake
Cottonwood Lake
Cottonwood Lake #1
Cottonwood Lake #2
Cottonwood Lake #4
Craig City Ponds
Crawford Reservoir
Daigre Reservoir
Deep Lake
Deer Lakes
DeWeese Reservoir
Dillon Reservoir
Dolores River
Dolores River, West Fork
Dome Lake, Upper
Douglas Reservoir
Dowdy Lake
Dragon Fly Pond
Dragonfly Pond
Dumont Lake
Eagle Ranch Children’s Pond
Eaglewatch Lake
East River
Echo Canyon Reservoir
Echo Lake
Ehrlich Lake
Elevenmile Reservoir
Elk Creek, East
Evergreen Lake
Fairplay Pond
Fetcher City Pond
Flatiron Reservoir
Fooses Lake
Fountain Lake
Fraser Lions Club Kids Pond
Fruita Red Rocks Lake
Georgetown Lake
Glenmere Lake
Golden Gravel Pond #3
Granby Reservoir # 1
Grand Lake
Green Mountain Falls Lake
Grizzly Reservoir
Groundhog Reservoir
Gunnison Pond
Hahns Peak Lake
Hale Ponds
Harper Lake
Harvey Gap Reservoir
Hasty Lake
Henderson Lake
Highline Lake
Hohnholz Lake #1, East
Hohnholz Lake #2, Little
Horseshoe Reservoir
Hot Springs Reservoir
Hotel Twin Lake
Hudson Town Pond
Huerfano River
Hugo SWA Pond #2
Hugo SWA Pond #5
Hugo SWA Pond #6
Irwin Lake
Island Lake
Ivanhoe Creek
Izaak Walton Longmont Pond
Jackson Gulch Reservoir
Jackson’s Pond
Jefferson Lake
Jim Baker Reservoir
Johnstown Reservoir
Juniata Reservoir
Karval Reservoir
Ketner Lake
Kinney Lake
Kiser Slough Reservoir
Kissel Pond
Kitson Reservoir
Kriley Pond
La Junta Kids Pond
Lake Granby
Lake San Cristobal
Laramie Lake
Las Animas Pond
Lon Hagler Reservoir
Lost Lake
Lost Lake Slough
Lost Man Reservoir
Loveland Service Center Pond
Mack Mesa Lake
Main Lake
Manitou Park Lake
Mann-Nyholt Lake North
Mann-Nyholt Lake South
Maroon Lake
Martin Lake
McCall Lake
McDonough Reservoir
McPhee Reservoir
Mead Pond #2
Meadow Creek Reservoir
Meadows Reservoir, Big
Midwestern Farms Pond
Milavec Reservoir
Mirror Lake
Molas Lake, Big
Monarch Lake
Montgomery Reservoir
Monument Lake
Monument Reservoir
Monument Reservoir #1
Mountain Home Reservoir
Muddy Pass Lake
Nast Lake
North Fork Reservoir
North Lake
North Lake Park Pond
North Michigan Reservoir
Northgate Pond #1
Northgate Pond #2
Northgate Pond #3
Nottingham Lake
O’Haver Lake
Olathe Kids Pond
Old Orchard
Old Pond
Ordway Reservoir
Pac-Man Lake
Palmer Lake
Parachute Pond
Pass Creek Pond
Pastorius Reservoir
Pathfinder Park Pond
Pericles Pond
Pikeview Reservoir
Pine Valley Ranch Lake
Pinewood Reservoir
Piney Lake
Pitkin Kids Pond
Poplar Pond – Belly Boat #2
Pothole Lake #1 (lower)
Pothole Lake #2 (upper)
Poudre Ponds
Prospect Lake
Prospect Pond #2 North
Pueblo City Park Lake – Lake Joy
Pueblo Reservoir
Pueblo West Pond
Quail Lake
Quartz Creek
Quincy Reservoir
Rainbow Reservoir
Rampart Reservoir
Ranger Lake, Lower
Ranger Lake, Upper
Red Rock Lake
Reed Reservoir
Ridgway Reservoir
Rifle Creek
Rifle Gap Reservoir
Riverside Park Lake
Riverside Pond, North
Riverside Pond, South
Riverway Pond
Roaring Judy Ponds
Roberts Lake
Rocky Mountain Lake
Rosemont Reservoir
Ruedi Reservoir
Runyon Lake
Salida Hydro Pond #2
San Juan River
San Juan River, East Fork
San Miguel River
Sands Lake
Schryver Park Pond
Severance City Pond
Seymour Reservoir
Shadow Mountain Reservoir
Shavano Pond
Sheldon Lake
Sheriff Reservoir
Skaguay Reservoir
Slate River
Sleepy Cat Ponds
Sloans Lake
Slough Pond
Smith Lake
Smith Reservoir
South Platte River
South Platte River, North Fork
Spring Creek Reservoir
St. Vrain State Park Coot Pond
St. Vrain State Park Mallard
St. Vrain State Park Pelican
St. Vrain State Park Sandpiper
Stabilization Reservoir
Stagecoach Reservoir
Standley Lake
Summit Reservoir
Sweetwater Lake
Sylvan Lake
Tarryall Reservoir
Taylor Park Reservoir
Teal Lake
Telluride Kids Pond
Tenmile Creek, North
Thomas Reservoir
Thornton Gravel Lake #2
Thornton Gravel Lake #3
Tiago Lake
Tincup Pond
Tom Frost Reservoir
Trap Lake
Trent Pond
Trinidad Central Park Lake
Trinidad Reservoir
Trout Lake
Turks Pond
Turquoise Lake
Twin Lake #1
Twin Lake #2
Twin Lakes Lower
Twin Lakes Upper
Twin Spruce Ponds
Union Reservoir
Urad Mine Lake
Vallecito Reservoir
Viele Lake
Wahatoya Reservoir
Wailers Pond
Walden Lions Park Pond
Waneka Lake
Ward Creek Reservoir
Water Dog Reservoir
Webster Lake
West Fork Lakes (2)
West Lake
Wetherill Pond
Willow Springs Pond #1
Willow Springs Pond #2
Wilmor Pond
Windsor Lake
Wolford Mountain Reservoir
Wonderland Lake
Wrights Lake
Yamcolo Reservoir

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