3 Killer Trout Lures That Will Increase Your Hook Ups This Summer

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3 Killer Trout Lures That Will Increase Your Hook Ups This Summer

Ready for summer fishing? It’s a special time of year – the robust hatches, glistening streams, and active trout. If you dread choosing what lure to throw and when to throw it, and factoring in weather, temperature, water condition, having a set of dependable lures will help clear that obstacle. I’ve fished hundreds of trout lures. As a result, I’ve caught some stunners, but I always seem to return to the tried and true. For this, I’ve decided that a few of these lures deserve recognition. Here are three trout lures you can’t pass up this summer:

Trout Lures: Panther Martin

Panther Martin Trout Fishing
Jason Kaefer

No surprises here!

As an inline spinner with a compact, bullet-weight body, noticeable vibration, and flash, these lures are simply better than the average spinner. For me, I use Where To Use It

I mostly trout fish from shore. My primary locations are feeder streams. In Northern California, a great deal of my time is spent on the gravelly banks of PG&E regulated outflow.

These hydro-electric power-plants pump large volumes of water into deep pools, stirring up food over large, submerged boulders and along rocky banks. This allows a great opportunity to fish a spinner, ideally in lower light conditions.

It casts nicely having a small profile and allows me to put it in small pockets along seems. Also, I like to throw it on a 6 1/2 ft light action rod. The light rod allows me to track the vibrating action of the lure and pick up on warning shots and hesitant, reaction bites. As mentioned above, low light conditions are to your advantage.

The silver flash, although emitted from a smaller lure, is capable of turning fish off when strongly reflected. I always search out areas of a stream that are shaded, or ill fish it in the morning and evening. Other favorable conditions are cloudy skies, which prevent the fish from closely examining the spinner.

Overall, the weight, cast ability, and presentation, especially from that of the #4 silver Panther Martin, make this lure a must have for any season. You won’t be disappointed.

Other reasons to use the Panther Martin include:

  • It’s great for stocked trout
  • Works well in ponds
  • Awesome in lakes

Trout Lures: Kastmasters

Trout Kastking
Jason Kaefer

Lake fishing provides a great opportunity to seek out and catch larger specimens. Ambush points and deep, submerged cover allow fish to hide, hunt, and grow to impressive sizes!

This also presents a problem. While there may be trophy fish, finding them is a challenge.

In response to this, Acme Tackle developed the Kastmaster lure in the 1950s. This wobbling steel slab is an elite search bait for deep lakes and has the greatest versatile range of any lure in production.

As you would imagine, these lures cast to incredible distances, allowing you to reach potential trout habitat normally off limits. Each lure is built from stealthy looking brass with a sharp, aerodynamic shape. Acme claims on their website that Kastmasters wont break or corrode -good news (although, I’ve never tested this). This will allow you to fish it practically anywhere (ocean included).

Kastmaster Action

The action on this lure is what separates it from the others. On a straight retrieve, you’ll get a tight, erratic movement that perfectly presents the silhouette of a minnow. Let it fall, and you’ll present the illusion of a wounded morsel.

I use the 1/4 oz rainbow trout and silver and blue designs, as they get bit often. To sweeten the deal, I’ll throw it on a light action with lighter line – 4-6 lb for casting purposes. I also like to add a white tail feather to a solid silver for contrast and added movement. Ultimately, these are fantastic jigging spoons that mimic injured bait fish on the drop.

I’ll often throw a Kastmaster around drop offs and raise my rod tip up moderately fast and let it fall, giving the lure a fluttering movement. From basically anywhere, you can use this lure as a search bait, cast it unthinkably far, and fish any depth, including the very bottom. Whether straight retrieve or jigging, Kastmasters are the ultimate lures for locating fish on lakes and reservoirs.

Trout Lures: Rapala Husky Jerk

It’s a fact: trout eat other fish. Why not give em’ what they want?

When I target larger, more aggressive brown trout on mountain lakes and reservoirs. I almost always grab for either a Husky Jerk or X-rap jerk bait after I’ve located the trout (it isn’t difficult when they’re feeding).

I’ll pitch into the mess of them and twitch, twitch, pause, often vigorously, and wait for that fast load up and vicious head shakes.

The Husky Jerk is light and casts surprisingly far. The lure’s body is, as you would imagine, husky! This adds a larger profile. As we emerge from winter, finding the right pattern is crucial – find what the trout want and will commit to. Thus, I like to throw a Husky Jerk before the aggressive jerk baits, like an X-rap.

This is what I like most about it. I’ll throw this first and commit to a straight retrieve and test for a reaction. If nothing, I can level-up to a fast twitch without spooking any weary fish. The Husky Jerk really is a great middle action lure for transition points in the season, without going in too hot with a killing machine like an X-rap.

Other benefits reason to use the Husky Jerk include:

  • They fish well in fast water
  • Great for rainbow trout
  • Awesome lures for trolling

Final Thoughts

Well, there is still time to dust off the old trout tackle box and rod and start taking inventory. But the above mentioned have outperformed most others in recent decades, stand the test of time, and put more fish in the boat. They’ll never leave my trout bag!

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