Epic Blue Catfish Marathon on the James River

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James River Blue Catfish 5050 Fishing
Joseph Harrick/5050 Fishing

Over the past several years, Joseph Harrick of 5050 Fishing has carved out a niche for himself as one of YouTube’s most exciting and consistent multi-species anglers. He has landed impressive muskie, smallmouth bass, white bass, and even steelhead across the eastern United States.

During a recent trip to Virginia with experienced catfish anglers Joe Granata and Mark Dietrich, the trio fished the world famous James River – one of, if not the, primary blue catfish destination in the world.

Throughout the video, it is easy to see why so many avid catfish anglers flock to the James River each year. Not only did the group catch a lot of fish – roughly a thousand pounds of blue cat – but Harrick managed to break his personal best blue cat twice during the trip.

That doesn’t mean just anyone can hit the James River and land monstrous blue cats, though.

Now, do you need twelve rods to land some river monsters? Probably not. But it sure doesn’t hurt!

James River Blue Catfish Setup
Joseph Harrick/5050 Fishing/Tri-Fin Charters

Be sure to check out the video below to watch highlights from one of the craziest catfishing trips you can imagine.

Also, if you are in the Ohio/Western PA/West Virginia area and want to fish for walleye, flatheads, or even crappie, check out Mark Dietrich and Tri-Fin Charters on Facebook.

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