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Location and Fishing Information: Bear Rock Lake is actually a collection of four individual lakes — Baker Lake, Bear Lake, Rock Lake, and Wood Pond. All four lakes are located in Ohio County in northern WV. The lake is located outside of Wheeling, WV, near the towns of Dallas, Triadelphia, and Valley Grove. Bear Rock Lake is roughly a twenty minute drive from both West Liberty University and Bethany College in WV.

Baker Lake cover 1.5 acres, Bear Lake covers 7.5 acres, Rock Lake covers 2.1 acres, and Wood Pond covers .5 acres. Only electric motors are allowed on these waters. The use of live minnows as bait is prohibited.

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Bear Rock Lake WV Fishing
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Bear Rock Lake Species List:

According to the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources, Bear Rock Lake contains numerous species of popular fish. Despite being a small fishery, the lake does offer decent fishing throughout the year. So, what type of fish are in Bear Rock? You can find various species of trout, bluegill, largemouth bass, muskie and channel catfish. Trout are stocked between February and May. Channel catfish are stocked in June. Bass fishing is best here between March and June. Muskie over 40 inches have been caught here and have been stocked sporadically since 1963. Bear Lake and Rock Lake typically offer the best fishing.

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Marinas on Bear Rock Lake

There are currently no marinas on this lake.

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