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Smallmouth Bass Fishing on Lake Erie’s Buffalo Harbor

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If you have been a regular follower of multi-species angler and Youtuber Joseph Harrick (of 50/50 Fishing), you have probably seen some of his incredible fishing endeavors over the past couple years.

Whether he is hunting down Winter striped bass in East Tennessee or hauling in 50 inch muskie from a kayak, Harrick can be found fishing some of the hottest destination in the eastern United States (and even Canada) in search of big fish.

In the video below, however, Harrick is in search of smallmouth bass in New York State.

Lake Erie Smallmouth Bass Fishing on Buffalo Harbor

Hitting Lake Erie’s Buffalo Harbor with his dad and brother, Harrick and the crew manage to land quite a few nice smallies while fishing ned rigs and crank baits.

In addition to the smallmouths, they also bring in several other species (and not intentionally).