8 Great Sleeping Bags for Camping in Any Environment

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Choosing a Great Sleeping Bag for Camping in Any Environment

When it comes to the outdoors, fishing is easily my favorite pastime. Always has been, and always will be.

If I had to choose a second favorite, though, it would be camping.

Pair those two together, and the days don’t get much better.

Over the past year, I’ve become pretty fond of camping out on the boat — finding a nice area to tie off for the night, rolling out a comfortable sleeping bag, throwing down a thick pillow, and falling asleep under a big, quiet, open sky.

I think back to my childhood days and this incredibly comfortable Coleman sleeping bag my grandfather had. On chilly nights, it could keep your incredibly warm. During the off-season, it also served as a nice lounging blanket.

Since then, I have taken a keen interest in sleeping bags — the weight, the material, the versatility. It doesn’t hurt being friends with a lot of guys who enjoy hiking an camping, either, because I have been able to try out some of the best sleeping bags from the top brands on the market.

Below, we will look at some of the benefits of choosing a high-quality sleeping back. We will also look at 8 great sleeping bags for camping in a campground, the woods, a boat, or even your own backyard.

Why Should You Invest in a Good Sleeping Bag?

If you’ve ever been in a pinch and picked up a cheap, thin sleeping bag from your local big box retailer, you probably already know the answer to this.

Sure, even the plushy $10 bags you can pick up from Wal-Mart will probably serve you better than, say, a fleece blanket and a bed sheet — I’ve seen this happen more than once.

But if you’ve ever invested in a really nice, high-quality sleeping bag, you also know the difference.

If you imagine that you will be camping on a semi-regular basis — even once or twice per year — then picking up a quality sleeping bag should probably be on your to-do list.

Getting the right bag not only makes sleeping outside more pleasant — it can actually give you one of the best nights of sleep you’ll get all year.

Looking at 8 Great Sleeping Bags for Camping

Rogue Expedition 40° Canvas Rectangular Sleeping Bag

As the first entry on our list, the Rogue Expedition 40° Canvas Rectangular Sleeping Bag manages to hit that sweet spot between cost, comfort, and quality.

As an “all-seasons” sleeping bag, the Rogue Expedition Canvas Rectangular Sleeping Bag offers a light cotton-canvas shell, a brushed-cotton flannel lining, and roughly two pounds of hollow-fiber insulation. This combination allows the bag to be perfect for both cool Fall evening and hot summer nights.

For a “starter” bag, this has many of the amenities of higher-end (and higher-priced) models while costing significantly less.

If you don’t mind spending a little bit more money for a perfect night’s sleep out door, you can pair the sleep bag with the Rogue Expedition XL Camp Pillow.

Bass Pro Shops Eclipse Hawksbill Rectangular Oversized 30º Sleeping Bag

If you’re looking for a sleeping bag that’s similar in price and quality to the Rogue Expedition 40° Canvas Rectangular Sleeping Bag but aren’t too keen on the flannel interior, then this might be a good option for you.

The Bass Pro Shops Eclipse Hawksbill Rectangular Oversized 30º Sleeping Bag not only swaps out the flannel for polyester, however.

As a heavier option, it is built to house campers of all sizes while also providing the option to combine two bags together for a more spacious sleeping area.

This durable bag can also be machine washed in front-loading washing machines, so don’t be afraid to get a little dirty.

Coleman Lassen 20º Sleeping Bag

As a slightly higher-end model than those listed so far, the Coleman Lassen 20º Sleeping Bag takes a particular pride in providing comfort to its users.

As a traditional rectangular sleeping bag, Coleman’s offering works at its best when used in temperature between 40 and 20 degrees (Fahrenheit).

The bag also incorporates COMFORTSmart™ features, with engineering designed to prevent snags.

The company’s Coletherm insulation also allows from a distinct comfort experience.

Ascend Jinx 50º Rectangular Sleeping Bag

In recent years, Ascend has developed quite the reputation in the outdoors world.

The Ascend Jinx 50º Rectangular Sleeping Bag continues the company’s reputation for solid products.

As a moderate-weather sleeping bag, this is great to have on cooler, off-season months. Its polyester make-up provides comfort for most-sized adults with considerations made for variance in sizes.

It also offers considerable foot room, which can make a world of difference in the middle of the night.

Kelty Tuck 40° Mummy Sleeping Bag

I’ll admit, the first time someone mentioned a “mummy” sleeping bag to me, it kind of freaked me out. I’m the kind of guy who likes plenty of room when I sleep, whether it’s a bed, a couch, a futon, or a sleeping bag.

The thought of being confined like a mummy just seemed… odd.

Since then, I’ve actually come to like the style, though. A couple of my friends swear by the mummy style bags, and I’ve had to chance to try out quite a few over the past couple years.

The Kelty Tuck 40° Mummy Sleeping Bag is a great option for someone who is looking to invest in an affordable, mid-range mummy sleeping bag.

Kelty’s branded ThermaPro ULTRA synthetic insulation provides a mixture of comfort and compression that is intended to help users experience a great night of sleep under the stars.

Cabela’s Mountain Trapper 40° Sleeping Bag

With the Cabela’s Mountain Trapper 40° Sleeping Bag, you’re starting to enter of realm of “investment camping.”

While it certainly won’t break most banks, the Mountain Trapper is the type of bag you might have to give a bit of thought to before buying.

Taking one look at it, however, should be enough to sell you — this sleeping bag looks like camping!

Combining both a flannel interior and polyester lining, this bag is meant for colder-to-moderate weather backwoods overnighting. Remaining fairly light weight while offering heat retention, this is going to be your bag of choice for a warm, cozy night sleep!

5 Owls Ranger Pro Bedroll

Now, I understand that there may be some camping purists who would like to argue semantics and suggest that a “bed roll” is not a “sleeping bag.”

As someone who likes to spontaneously camp out on his fishing boat, though, I’d going to trust the 5 Owls Ranger Pro Bedroll to provide me as comfortable (and convenient) a night’s sleep as any bag on this list.

In many ways, this setup provides both the amenities of a sleeping bag and a tent. Durable enough to handle almost all conditions, it is also able to keep its user safe from rain, wind, and even small debris.

The 5 Owls Ranger Pro Bedroll’s tent feature can also be deployed from the sleeping bag, so users don’t have to get up in the middle of the night to readjust if conditions change.

You might be paying a little extra for this convenience, but the price will definitely seem justified on a cool, rainy night.

Klymit KSB O XL Mummy Sleeping Bag

If you are looking for the king of sleeping bags, then you’ve got to consider the Klymit KSB O XL Mummy Sleeping Bag.

For avid, year-round campers, those who love some adventure, or even folks who may be carrying some additional height or girth, Klymit has constructed a bag with you in mind.

Just as effective in late Spring as it is in early Winter, the KSB O XL Mummy Sleeping Bag is a top-of-the-line product for a reason.

Offering one of the industry’s top warmth-to-weight ratios, this sleeping bag can also be adjusted for increased foot and neck coverage.

For larger campers, the mummy design also provides additional room from broader chests and shoulders.

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