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Castleman Run Lake, WV Fishing

Castleman Run Lake Information

Location and Fishing Information: Constructed in 1962, Castleman Run Lake is located in Brooke County in northern West Virginia. It is located approximately five miles from West Liberty University and Bethany College. Castleman is a 22-acre impoundment and is part of the Castleman Run Wildlife Management Area. The lake has a maximum depth of 19 feet with an average depth of five feet. A boat ramp is available, as well as several spots for bank fishing.

Castleman Run Lake Fishing Map

Castleman Run Lake Fishing Map_Web Sized

Castleman Run Lake Species List: 

According to the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources, Castleman Lake contains numerous species of popular fish. Despite being a small fishery, the lake does offer decent fishing throughout the year. So, what type of fish are in Castleman Run? You can find various species of trout, bluegill, largemouth bass, and channel catfish. Trout are stocked between February and May. Channel catfish are stocked in June. Bass fishing is best here between March and June.

Castleman Run Lake Fishing Video

Editor’s Note: While the video above does not feature any actual fishing, it does show the size, scope, and general layout of the lake. The frozen water is accurate, however, as Castleman is very difficult to fish during the colder months of the year.

Marinas on Castleman Lake

This lake does not currently have a marina.

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