Virginia Trout Stocking Schedule: The Best Fishing in 2021

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Virginia Trout Stocking Schedule: The Best Fishing in 2021

Trout fishing across the upper southeast (like West Virginia) and the mid-Atlantic is a popular pastime. Virginia is no exception as thousands of anglers take to the Old Dominion in search of trout each year.

Not only will anglers experience the beauty of the season across the state, but they will also be privy to some fine trout fishing in a variety of locations.

Va. Trout Fishing: Why to Choose Virginia

Virginia offers nearly 3,000 miles of streams that are stocked with trout. Add in hundreds of square miles of lakes and ponds and you have plenty of locations scattered throughout the state.

These spots cater to avid trout anglers and youth. Both traditional line-and-rod and fly fishing techniques are popular throughout the state as well.

While you won’t have a chance to catch salmon like you could out west, Virginia does stock nearly a million catchable fish across three popular species each year.

At various spots throughout the state, you can expect to catch rainbow trout, brook trout, and brown trout.

Anglers can fish for trout throughout the year in Virginia. While some specific fisheries have different rules, the general criteria for limits are a maximum of six (6) trout (kept) per day. All fish kept (regardless of species) must be at least seven (7) inches in length.

Where To Fish for Trout in Virginia

With roughly a million fish stocked across approximately 200 fisheries per year, Virginia has no shortage of quality opportunities for anglers looking for high-level trout fishing.

Below, you can find a sampling of the lakes, ponds, rivers, and creeks that are expected to receive trout stocking in 2021:

Ararat River
Armistead Pointe Park Pond
Barbour’s Creek
Big Brumley Creek
Big Wilson Creek
Braley Pond
Briery Branch Lake
Clifton Forge Reservoir
Coles Run Reservoirs
Cook Lake
Cowpasture River
Cripple Creek
Dan River
Dismal River
Dorey Park Lake
Douthat Lake
Elkhorn Lake
Goose Creek
Gullion Fork Ponds
Happy Creek
Hearthstone Lake
Helton Creek
Hone Quarry Lake
Hughes River
Irish Creek
Ivy Creek Park Pond
Jackson River
Lake Moomaw
Lake Tams
Lake Thompson
Laurel Bed Lake
Laurel Creek
Lexington City Reservoir
Liberty Lake
Lick Creek
Locust Shade Park
Locust Shade Park
Martins Creek
Maury River
Middle Creek
Middle Fork Holston River
Mills Creek Reservoir
Mint Springs Lake
North Fork Shenandoah River
North River
Old Cossey Pond
Paddy Run
Pandapas Pond
Peak Creek
Pigg River
Potts Creek
Poverty Creek
Roanoke River
Roaring Run
Rockcastle Creek
Rockcastle Creek
Rocky Row Run
Runnett Bag Creek
Rural Retreat Lake Pond
Rural Retreat Pond
Shield Lake
Silver Lake
Skidmore Lake
Smith River 
South Fork Powell River
South River
Staley Creek
Tomahawk Pond
Toms Creek
Tye River
Upper Sherando Lake
Wilson Creek
Wolf Creek

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