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Fall Fishing for Steelhead on Lake Erie Tributaries

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Steelhead Trout Fishing on Lake Erie Tributaries
5050 Fishing/Tri=Fin Charters

Whenever we feature a video from 50/50 Fishing’s Joseph Harrick, you can be assured that you will see an impressive catch from the multi-species angler (like this impressive 50″ muskie caught from a kayak).

Recently, Harrick has been teaming up with Mark Dietrich of Tri-Fin Charters for some exciting videos. Earlier this year, they targeted walleye on Lake Erie.

In the duo’s latest outing, however, they took to the tributaries of Lake Erie in search of steelhead.

Fall Fishing for Steelhead on Lake Erie Tributaries

In the video below, Harrick (who has built a following online catching impressive fish of seemingly countless species) teams up with Dietrich in hopes of landing his first ever steelhead.

Dietrich, an avid catfish angler and guide who also specializes in walleye, crappie, and other species, provides a helpful breakdown of essential gear that anglers may need when fishing for steelhead.

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