What is The American Carp Society? A Closer Look

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What is the American Carp Society?

American Carp Society Logo

Recently, Premier Angler has partnered with The American Carp Society, the nation’s leading authority on everything related to carp fishing. The group is dedicated to the promotion of both the responsible stewardship of the species, as well as the attributes of carp as a legitimate sport fish here in the USA.

The American Carp Society is the USA’s foremost resource for carp anglers. It was founded in 2002 by lifelong anglers Sean Manning & Wayne Boon — formal-minded individuals who have a passion for carp and the species’ future well-being in the USA. The society provides a community for both education and benefit to its members by teaching responsible stewardship and management of the species and of our public waters, as well as dispelling the misinformation commonly associated with carp fishing. 

The American Carp Society is responsible for the education regarding the species and the sport to both the public and state agencies and has worked closely with official state authorities to help further these educational efforts.

What the Society Offers

“Cyprinology” is a term The American Carp Society uses to describe anything related to the historical, biological, or technical aspect of carp angling. The American Carp Society website offers a trove of information on cyprinology for both new and experienced anglers alike. It covers a variety of subjects regarding catch and release carp angling styles, tackle, baits and methodology used, both presently and historically in the United States, including:

  • An in-depth introduction to carp angling
  • US and UK carp history
  • European-style carp angling
  • American-style carp angling
  • Fly fishing for carp
  • Watercraft for carp angling
  • Baits and tackle for carp angling
  • Carp care

The American Carp Society also provides articles and educational videos on their YouTube channel on how anglers can improve their skills to catch large trophy carp. They regularly spotlight their members with catches in the 30-40 lb. class range.

American Carp Society Members have been featured in globally distributed print publications on the subject of carp fishing, as well as all social platforms around the world and their authors are considered authorities in the field of carp fishing.

Become a Member of the American Carp Society

American Carp Society

The American Carp Society offers membership options for both traditional “Euro style: and fly anglers. By becoming a member, you are supporting The American Carp Society’s goal of raising both the awareness and the attributes of this hard-fighting freshwater fish to other anglers and members of the public. You are also joining the largest community of carp anglers in the United States (whose members all share the same passion for the species).

With the continued education of others, better documentation of the species through exquisite publications showing both care and stewardship of the trophy fish, as well as the encouragement to new anglers being introduced to the sport through a growing community, this goal will be achieved to continue the communication of both the love and respect that we have for this great fish in the country we live.

Both Euro style and fly carp memberships have many benefits, including a generous welcome package of merchandise that is sent to you each year. As an American Carp Society member, you will receive an invitation to the Member’s Only Facebook Group that features both novice and expert carp anglers from all over the USA. The group shares information and members help each other. Other benefits include priority participation to angling events and experiences, access to the member-sourced map of U.S. carp waters and other American Carp Society members, access to a library of original American Carp Society publications, eligibility for member awards, discounts on store items and global visitation benefits and privileges in other countries.

You will also gain access to official resources and promotional materials through your member portal, including educational leaflets, brochures, and promotional documents that are available for you to print and share with others to further the goal of raising the profile of the species in the United States.

ACS Newsletter

The Angler’s Insider is a free monthly newsletter providing up-to-date information on the latest American Carp Society news, special events, blogs, videos and future projects exclusively for those interested in carp fishing in the USA. Each newsletter also features select photos from members all over the United States with their catches. 

The American Carper Podcast

The American Carper Podcast is aired on a bi-weekly basis, covering all things carp related in the USA. Each episode is focused on the changing culture of American anglers, featuring in-depth interviews with some of the very best who target the species in the United States.

The American Carper covers a range of topics and subjects and provides information and tips on the species to help you improve as a carp angler. It also features a monthly competition for listeners to win merchandise and prizes that are included in each episode. 

ACS Blog: Writing About Carp

The American Carp Society Blog offers the opportunity for members to write about their experiences and to share their personal stories about their passion for carp angling with the global carp angling community. 

American Carp Society Publications

American Carp Society

The American Carper is the annual publication from The American Carp Society. It is an exquisite, commercial-and-advertisement-free representation of the very best US carp angler interviews, pictures and stories. The American Carper is now available here in the United States and globally in both a digital and print format.

Each issue gives a flawless representation of these great fish through its carefully crafted writing and photography from American Carp Society members. The American Carper publication has been recognized globally for its excellence and has received awards for its content. 

Backed by Science

The team at The American Carp Society includes two biologists, as well as leading experts on the subject of Carp (Cyprinus Carpio) who, through scientific research, cited published scientific papers, and global research and experience, dispel some of the common misconceptions about carp with factual information on the species. 

Carp Angling Guides

The American Carp Society has officially sanctioned, experienced guides within the United States that adhere to the very highest level of fish care and professionalism.

The guides work independently of the American Carp Society, but are experienced professionals that have been screened and are well respected within their field. Moreover, their values align with those of the American Carp Society.

Carp angling guides are currently available in Texas, Colorado, Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona, New York, Nebraska, Tennessee and Kansas.

Connect with The American Carp Society

American Carp Society

For more information on The American Carp Society and all things carp-related, please visit our website 

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