Winter Fishing for Striped Bass in East Tennessee

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Multi-species angler Joseph Harrick is no stranger to landing some monstrous fish all across the country. For anyone who follows his many social media channels, he may catch a beautiful trout one day, a massive carp the next, and a killer largemouth after that.

For frequent visitors of this website, you might recall us chronicling his adventure of catching a 50 inch muskie from his kayak.

In the videos below, however, Harrick is fishing for striped bass at an undisclosed location in eastern Tennessee. While hitting the water with NuCanoe Prostaffer River Wolf, the pair latch on to some impressive stripers.

In the introduction to the first video, Harrick mentions that he has caught sizeable saltwater striped bass off the coast of Virginia and North Carolina, as well as hybrid striped bass in the Ohio River. This marked his first foray into fishing for large lake stripers, however.

The pair were fishing at depths between 4 and 21 feet depending on the baits. In both videos, we see River Wolf and Harrick both land a nice catch fishing an umbrella rig.

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Joseph Harrick’s Striped Bass Fishing in East Tennessee Videos

While we don’t have an actual weight for Harrick’s catch, here’s some food for thought: the current Tennessee state record hybrid bass weighed in at 65 pounds, 6 ounces. It was caught in May 2000 by Ralph H. Dallas on Cordell Hull Reservoir.

Judging by the size of the striped bass in these videos, Tennessee looks like the place to be!

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