5 Excellent Holiday Fishing Gear Sales You Need to Check Out Now

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5 Excellent Holiday Fishing Gear Sales You Need to Check Out Now

As we enter into the holiday season, you may still be shopping for the outdoors aficionado in your life. If you have the best of intentions but might lack the knowledge of what to get your fishing fanatic, we are happy to help!

While you may be able to grab these items at a discount this holiday season, they would certainly make any angler in your life happy, even at retail price.

Bass Pro Shops 100 MPH GORE-TEX Rain Jacket for Men

While this might not look like the most comfortable or stylish jacket in the world, trust us: if you’re out on Lake Erie or another massive body of water during the cooler months of the year, you’ll want to be well-covered.

Add in some rain, and its easy to see why the Bass Pro Shops 100 MPH GORE-TEX Rain Jacket for Men is one of the most popular higher-end products in the company’s catalog.

Now, we have to admit, if the angler in your life lives and fishes in Florida year-round, this is not the ideal gift by any means. If you love a northerner who plans to spend many-a-chilly-weekend on the water, then this durable, high-quality jacket is sure to last several seasons.

Oakley SI Flak Jacket XLJ OO9011 Polarized Sunglasses

Moving from the chilly autumn to the Summer sun, we could write an entire article about the benefits of having a good pair of polarized sunglasses while fishing (editor note: we actually did).

If you angler like high octane fishing with a flare for speed and style, then the Oakley SI Flak Jacket XLJ OO9011 Polarized Sunglasses might be exactly what he (or she) needs!

As you would expect from one of the most popular brands in performance eye wear, Oakley delivers a durable and impressive product that has safety in mind. These glasses filter 99% of reflective glare while blocking 100% of harmful UV rays.

Bass Pro Shops 100MPH GORE-TEX Rain Bibs for Men

As a perfect companion to the 100MPG GORE-TEX Rain Jacket, the Rain Bibs actually function quote well as a stand-alone product.

If you know someone who spends a lot of time on a boat and likes to have their gear readily available, the GORE-TEX bibs are an incredibly practical additional to one’s fishing wardrobe.

Light-but-durable, there are also excellent to have if you might find yourself getting unusually wet for any reason. Whether you’re expecting heavy rain or a trek through low waters, these bibs will help you stay comfortable while looking good doing it.

EGO Backpack Tackle Bag

We all know that person who is really good at catching fish but really bad at staying organized.

Fortunately, the days of big, clunky tackle boxes have given way to the era of durable and versatile fishing tackle bags.

For the angler who needs a high-end bag with tons of storage space and seemingly endless pockets to hold practically anything, then the EGO Backpack Tackle Bag is a perfect choice.

Efficient and practical with loads of room, your angler can literally carry just about anything in his (or her) tackle arsenal inside this handy tackle bag.

Rapala Mag Spring Fishing Pliers

So far, the items we have listed have been primarily geared toward active anglers who spend a significant amount of time on the water each year.

Now, whether your angler is fishing primary from a boat, shore, or even a kayak, you can never overestimate the importance of a solid pair of pliers.

Some anglers love taking their catches home for a fish fry. Others are huge proponents of catch-and-release. Either way, it’s an absolutely horrible feeling with a hook gets lodged inside a fish and you are unable to retrieve it.

Rapala’s Mag Spring Fishing Pliers give you a better chance at retrieving an errant hook without mangling your catch.

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