Lake Erie Fishing Charters: The Best Places to Fish

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Lake Erie Fishing Charters: The Best Places to Fish

When it comes to world-class fishing, the Midwest often gets a bad rap. While you can find some really solid fishing in Ohio and Michigan, it’s easy to think of Lake Erie as the prime fishing destination for either state.

And it’s easy to see why…

Lake Erie covers an roughly 10,000 miles of surface area. It is also thought by many to have the best walleye fishing in the entire world. In fact, many anglers — from beginners to experienced — land a trophy walleye when they book a fishing charter on Lake Erie.

Lake Erie isn’t simply limited to walleye, however. Many anglers also land excellent smallmouth bass and yellow perch when fishing here. It is not uncommon for some charter captains to add smallmouths and perch to their list of targeted species when fishing Erie.

Luckily, whether you are fishing out of Conneaut, Cleveland, Ashtabula, Put-in-Bay, Sandusky, Catawba Island, Cedar Creek, Harris Harbor, or Port Clinton in Ohio, there are plenty of available charter captains ready to take you out.

Likewise, you can find some excellent fishing charter companies in the Brest Bay, Allens Cove, and Luna Pier sections of Michigan.

Five Reasons to Book a Lake Erie Fishing Charter

You Will Catch More Fish — Guaranteed

As we mentioned above, Lake Erie is an enormous lake. As one of the largest lakes in the entire world, it would be practically impossible for even the most dedicated recreational angler to fish the entirety of the lake.

That said, there are dozens upon dozens of experienced and dedicated charter captains who have been fishing for multiple species on Lake Erie for years — decades in some cases!

While you might be able to luck your way into a good day of fishing on the lake, it’s likely that only the really savvy veteran anglers will limit out on walleye or perch.

By booking a Lake Erie fishing charter, you are almost guaranteed to catch a respectable number of fish.

Don’t believe us? Check out the post below from Lake Erie Fishing Charter & Lodging LLC’s Facebook page.

You Might Land a Trophy Fish

While some avid, experienced anglers will like up for a charter fishing trip on Lake Erie (or other larger bodies of water throughout the United States), the majority of people who sign up for these outings are simply regular anglers with limited experience.

Why do people book charter fishing trips on Lake Erie? Quite simply, for the thrill of catching a potentially massive fish!

Consider the video below where Joseph Harrick of 50/50 Fishing hits Lake Erie with Mark Dietrich of Tri-Fin Charters.

Harrick is no stranger to landing enormous fish — like this giant muskie caught from a kayak, or this whopper striped bass caught in East Tennessee. He linked up with Dietrich to add yet another impressive trophy to his collection, however.

It should also come as no surprise that the Ohio state record walleye was caught on Lake Erie.

It’s a LOT Safer Than Fishing on Your Own

Not only is Lake Erie absolutely enormous; it can be incredibly dangerous, too.

For those who have fished the lake, you know that it is not uncommon to regularly experience waves that are 3-4 feet high. These are actually fairly modest waves, too.

At their peak, waves on Lake Erie can reach up to thirteen feet high!

Even for experienced anglers, taking your own boat to Lake Erie might be a real challenge if you are unfamiliar with the lake or such rough conditions.

Booking a Lake Erie fishing charter, however, can allow you to get n the water with a captain who is comfortable and experienced handling the type of conditions you will regularly find.

Considering that some of the best fishing on Lake Erie is found several miles from shore, it is also much safer than trying to traverse these waters on your own.

You Get to Fish One of the Best Lakes in the Entire World

We have a lot of colleagues and friends who regularly fish Florida, Oklahoma, and Texas — some of the best fishing states in the entire country. It’s easy to be jealous of the incredible largemouth bass and crappie they have in some of those states.

That said, even half a country away, many of these anglers are in absolute awe of Lake Erie.

By booking a charter fishing trip on Lake Erie, you have a chance to fish on a very special body of water. If you want to catch walleye or yellow perch, you are also fishing on one of the best lakes in the entire world.

It’s Going to Be Fun!

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that fishing, at its core, is supposed to be fun. Many of us spend hundreds (or thousands) of dollars per year on fishing and have days where we don’t even catch anything.

When surrounded with good friends, however, you can make great memories on the water.

Normally, when booking a charter fishing trip on Lake Erie, several people will go out together. This adds a (usually) friendly level of competition to the day.

With dozens of potentials captain to fish with across the northern Ohio border, you can also get a new experience each time!

How Much do Lake Erie Charter Fishing Trips Cost?

Price is a huge consideration when scheduling your charter fishing trip on Lake Erie. While a trip running over a thousand dollars might not be a big deal to some anglers, others will certainly be looking for a more cost-friendly deal.

When looking at charter costs, we have seen some captains charge as little as $150 per person for a half-day walleye fishing trips. On a higher-end, we have also spoken to captains who charge roughly $1,200 for eight hours on the water.

As with most things, you are likely to find a good number of prices somewhere in the middle. As a general rule, however, you are likely to spend between $600-1000 for a full day of fishing on Lake Erie. If you are a regular, some captains may provide a “loyalty discount,” but this usually happens after you have fished with them on several occasions.

Some of the Best Lake Erie Charter Fishing Guides: Choosing the Right Company

When determining who you are going to hire for your fishing trip on Lake Erie, several factors come to mind: price, location, species

Below, we are providing a list of some of the best Lake Erie charter fishing guides, separated by the harbors or marinas they fish out of:

Near Brest Bay/Allens Cove/Luna Pier (Michigan)

  • Talon Sport Fishing Charters
  • Reel Blessed Sport Fishing Charters
  • Stray Cat Charter
  • Fantasy Charters, LLC
  • DownDay Charters
  • La Chasseur Lake Erie Sport Fishing Charters
  • Cast A Way Fishing Charters
  • A2Z Guide Service
  • Huskie Muskie Charters (Lake St. Clair)

Near Cedar Creek (Ohio)

  • Crazy Ladies Charters, LLC
  • Cutting Edge Charters
  • Shamrock Fishing Charters
  • Room for More Charters
  • West Sister Charter Fleet
  • Erie Quest Charters
  • Walleye Willy Charters
  • Erie Hopper Charters

Near Fishermens Cove/Harris Harbor (Ohio)

  • Lake Time Charters
  • Fishin Again Charters
  • Parker Guide Service
  • Dr. Bugs Charters
  • Eye’dle Time Charters
  • Sluggo’s Charter Service
  • Sweet Escape Charters
  • Couch Fishing Charters
  • Sea Breeze Charters
  • Eye Stopper Fishing Charters
  • Tangled Mess – Lake Erie Walleye Charter
  • Champion Charters
  • Marble Eyes Charters
  • Fast Action Charters
  • Lake Erie Fishing Charters
  • JustOneMore Fishing Charters
  • Taylor Made Charters
  • Get Reel Guide Service

Near Portage River/Port Clinton (Ohio)

Near Catawba Island/East Harbor/Sandusky Bay (Ohio)

  • Ice Fishing Charters by Air1AirBoats
  • Erie Eyes Angler
  • Fish On Charters
  • Char-Tom Charters
  • Erie Express Fishing Charters
  • So Lucki Fishing Charters
  • Lakeland Charter Service
  • Down River Fishing Charters – Lake Erie
  • Dunlap’s Fishing Charter
  • Lake Erie Fishing Charters
  • Chelsea Charters
  • Lake Erie Adventures Charters
  • Eriegardless Lake Erie Fishing Charters
  • EyeTime Charters
  • Sundance Lake Erie Fishing Charters
  • Old Lakeshore Charters
  • JustOneMoore Charters
  • Mark I Charters
  • Myrmidon Fishin Ful Charters
  • Badman Charters
  • Endless Summer Island Charters
  • His and Her Charters
  • Captain Scott Catfish Charters
  • Double D Guide Services, Inc.
  • Tail Chasers Fishing Charters
  • Fishin Mission Charters
  • Boytim Charter Services
  • Reel King Charters
  • Ospreay Lake Erie Fishing Charters
  • Captain Hook Fishing Charters and Lodging

Near Put-In-Bay (Ohio)

  • Freshwater Charters
  • Pat Chrysler Fishing Charters
  • Put-in-Bay Charter Fishing Service

Near Cleveland Area (Ohio)

  • Lucky Duck Fishing Charters
  • Nite Bite Fishing Charters
  • Foxy Lady Fishing Charters
  • Mega Bites Charters
  • Trolling Eye Charters
  • Reeleyez Sportfishing
  • Eye-Caramba Sportfishing
  • Noah’s Ark Lake Erie Sportfishing
  • Fish and Fowl Adventures
  • Fishin’ Boat Charters
  • Tightline Charter Captain Ed Abel
  • Eyepopper Fishing Charters
  • West Harbor Fishing Guides and Charters
  • Ohio Steelhead Drifters
  • A-Hoy Sara J Fishing Charters
  • Midtown Fishing Charters
  • Wildwood Marina Fishing Charters
  • Eyes Ready Charters
  • Loveland Charters
  • King Fish Lake Erie Sportfishing
  • Shakeyheadz Lake Erie Fishing Guides
  • Rampageous Fishing Charters
  • Angler Management Sport Fishing Charters
  • Top Flight Sport Fishing
  • Evil Eye Charters
  • Slo-Troll’n LLC
  • Roy’s Away Charters

Near Ashtabula River (Ohio)

Near Conneaut Harbor (Ohio)

Near Erie (Pennsylvania)

  • Sunsetter Adventure Fishing Charters
  • XTR Fishing Charters
  • Reel Intense Fishing Charters
  • Dutch Fork Fishing Charters
  • A Day Away Fishing Adventures
  • Bandit Sportfishing
  • Manatau Fishing Charters
  • Bass Fishing Lake Erie
  • Ciao Charters
  • Bass Fishing Charters with Captain George Mro
  • Small Program Charters
  • Blacktop Charters
  • Erie Bass Charters
  • SeaWolf Fishing Charters
  • Rough House Charters
  • Bomber Charters
  • Buckets Fishing Charters
  • A&A Fishing Charters
  • Old Timer Fishing Charters
  • Eerie Eyes Sportfishing Charters
  • Reel Obsession Fishing Charters
  • Erie Doghouse Charters
  • Walleye Charters Offshore Lake Erie

Near Buffalo/Niagara Falls Area (New York)

  • OutKast Sportfishing
  • Kongo Sportfishing Charters
  • Times Two Charters
  • Sam-I-Am Charters
  • Wavetamer Sportfishing
  • Crazy Tails Sportfishing
  • Sparky’s Fishing Guides and Charters
  • Rivermaster Charters
  • Draper Sportfishing
  • Mark Lorenc Charters
  • Big Greek Niagara River Charters
  • Draper Sportfishing
  • Brookdog Fishing Company
  • Niagara River Guide Service
  • Schultz Sportfishing
  • Drab6 Fishing Charters
  • 1st Choice Fishing Charters
  • Niagara Region Charter Service

Near Grand River (Ontario, Canada)

  • Fishin’ Finatics Charters
  • Fishmasters Ultimate Charters
  • Hal’em In Sportfishing
  • Grand Sportfishing

Near London/Chatham-Kent (Ontario, Canada)

  • Mainstream Fishing Charters
  • Apex Angling Charters
  • Greenhead Fishing Charters
  • Rampage Sports Fishing Charters
  • Churchville Outfitters Ltd.
  • South Coast Fishing Charters
  • Erie Gold Sportfishing
  • Big Bear Charters
  • Carter’s Charters

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