Looking at Some of the Best Socks for Fishing

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When preparing for a long day (or weekend) of fishing, there are some must-have items on your “to bring” list: rods and reeds, tackle, maybe some live bait, bug spray, etc.

Depending on the conditions, you might give some thought to what you’re going to wear on the water.

If you’re anything like me, then you’re probably thinking comfort-first. Admittedly, I’m likely to wear a pair of Crocs if it’s above 60 degrees out.

As the weather and the water get colder, though, it’s important to consider what you’re going to wear under your boots or fishing shoes.

Below, we have listed some of the most popular socks for active, outdoors lifestyles. Whether you are hiking, camping, fishing, or all of the above, these socks are sure to keep your warm and comfortable.

Looking at Some of the Best Socks for Fishing

RedHead Ultimate Wool Midweight Socks

Every now and then, you will find a product that perfectly blends style and comfort in ways you didn’t know possible.

The RedHead Ultimate Wool Midweight Socks are not one of those products…

That said, keep in mind that you are looking for a product that is built to go, not built for show.

This affordable wool socks is heavy enough to keep your feet and toes warm through the Fall season, but light enough that they make for a great Spring and even early Summer evening choice.

Ascend Hiker Crew Socks

Speaking of style…

We’ll admit that the Ascend Hiker Crew Socks are still not the most exciting socks in the world, but they are meant for active lifestyle — for boats and trails, not board rooms or carpool lanes.

If you find yourself needing a quick, comfortable, and fairly unassuming socks in a pinch — maybe you’ve got a wedding, daughter’s dance recital, or even a nice dinner reservation — then you can probably get away with slipping these on.

We think you’ll have more fun wearing these socks fishing, though.

SHE Outdoor Pro Team Trekker Socks with Scent Control

What was once a largely male-dominated pastime, fishing has now become an incredibly popular activity for women.

We’d even venture to bet that a lot of the ladies out there (like our pal Kelcey Combs from the American Carp Society) are showing up 99% of the guys who hit the water each year.

Companies are catching on to the rapid growth in the women’s outdoors market and the SHE Outdoor Pro Team Trekker Socks with Scent Control capitalizes on the intersection between adventure and sensibility.

Fishing is fun, but it can also get funky. Keep your feet comfy and smelling fresh!

Cabela’s Instinct 2.0 Over-The-Calf Crew Socks

If you’re looking for a more modern look from a company known for producing high-quality products, then the Cabela’s Instinct 2.0 Over-The-Calf Crew Socks might be up your alley.

Combining a traditional, calf-high design with an athletic and modern color scheme and high-performance wool, you will look good fishing, hiking, chopping wood, or sitting by a campfire.

You could probably even manage to rock these socks during a game of pickup basketball.

Under Armour Hitch Rugged Boot Socks

Very few brands have capitalized on the rise of outdoors popularity over the past several years to a higher degree than Under Armour.

To match the brand’s line of versatile athletic wear, the Hitch Rugged Boot Socks make for an excellent fishing sock.

Sure, this might look like something your grandfather wore 30 years ago, but trust us: it definitely serves its purpose!

Designed specifically for hunters, many of the same principles carry over to chilly October or November days on the water, especially in the northern half of the country.

Heat Holders Twist ULTRA LITE Thermal Crew Socks

Earlier on this list, we talked about that rare product that manages to effectively blend comfort and style.

Well, the Heat Holders Twist ULTRA LITE Thermal Crew Socks might just be that product!

This lightweight, over-the-calf sock blends a sleek blue-and-black color pattern while providing three times the warmth of traditional wool socks.

As a fishing sock, the acrylic/nylon blend will be more comfortable for some anglers than the traditional wool blend of other products. This is especially true if your feet end up getting wet.

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