Idaho Has a New Catch-and-Release State Record Crappie

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Last month, an angler pulled a massive crappie from Crane Creek Reservoir — a member of the C’ouer d’Alene River chain lakes.

While the fish did not take the spot as the certified weight record for Idaho — a distinction generally reserved for the heaviest recorded fish of a given species in a state — it did earn a spot in the record books.

On July 26th, Joe Urban of Eagle, Idaho, was fishing the reservoir (which sits near the Oregon border). There, he reeled in a 17-inch monster slab.

After measuring it and taking a photo, he released the fish back into Crane Creek.

Idaho Catch and Release State Record Crappie
Joe Urban’s new Idaho Catch-and-Release state record crappie (Photo via IDFG)

Idaho catch-and-release state records, which are recorded for length, do not require an official weight.

While Urban’s crappie is an absolute tank, it may not have been large enough to displace the current Idaho certified weight state record black crappie. That distinction belongs to a 3.56 pound slab caught on Brownlee Reservoir in 2003.

Even larger, however, is Idaho’s certified state record white crappie. It was caught by Trenten Smith (also on Crane Creek Reservoir) back in 2012.

Urban’s catch-and-release record does oust Rick Poedtke’s 16 inch Blue Lake crappie from its mantle, however. That change makes Urban’s crappie just the second to hold the “catch-and-release” title as the program was just recently introduced.

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