Pennsylvania Closes State Parks; Fishing Permitted

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The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources announced on Monday evening, March 16th, that all Pennsylvania state parks and associated facilities would be closing for fourteen day.

In an effort to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), Pennsylvania has joined a growing trend at the state-level that has included suspending primary, secondary and post-secondary education and “large” gatherings.

While the closure of state parks is an unpopular-yet-responsible precaution, there is (at least for now) some silver lining for anglers in the Keystone State.

First, however, let’s take a look at what the park closures actually entails.

Restrictions for March 2020

According to a graphic shared on Facebook by Pennsylvania State Parks, the follow activities and amenities are going to be limited for the duration of the closure:

  • All public events and programs are cancelled
  • Facilities, including restrooms, RV sites, cabins, cottages, tent camping and lodges are closed
  • Large group gathering is strongly discouraged

What is Still Available?

As of this writing, the following amenities, activities, and resources are still available:

  • Park managers and rangers will remain on duty
  • Access to forests, trails, roads, and parking areas
  • Access to lakes — yes, you can still fish

If you are are intending to fish during the month of March, we do encourage you to take the same precautions you would at any other time. In addition to maintaining social distance and using hand sanitizer, make sure to wear your personal flotation devices, have a valid Pennsylvania fishing license, and respect all other anglers on the water.

We understand that the past few days have been incredibly uncomfortable (and likely quite frustrating) for many of our readers. The Premier Angler team wishes anyone reading this the absolutely best of health, both physically and mentally, during this time.

Take care, friends, and fish on!

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